P4 joins forces with Apex3 Systems

March 30, 2022
Chicago-based firms announce partnership to provide security solutions for diverse clients in Illinois and around the country
P4 Apex3 Logos

Downers Grove, IL - The P4 Companies (P4) and Apex3 Systems (Apex3) are proud to announce a new partnership with a singular goal to provide customized, intelligent, and client-centered solutions – as they lead security into the next generation, together. While P4 will continue to expertly offer full-service integrated security guarding and remote monitoring, Apex3 will implement the latest in technology solutions to complement P4 services through access control, video surveillance, proactive alarm systems, weapons detection and more, in any environment. Through a unified and specialized approach, the two firms will now more comprehensively enhance safety and security in a range of industries, including commercial real estate, retail, agriculture, cannabis, houses of worship, cultural properties, higher education, healthcare and global operation centers, amongst others.

The founders of P4 and Apex3 share a combined 80 years of experience in the security industry and will leverage their extensive knowledge and background through a multi-faceted approach. The partnership will link physical or remote guarding with cutting-edge security technology to enhance efficiencies for security officers through proactive alert awareness, or proactive security technology where security officers are not present and monitoring off-site.

“We are incredibly excited to join forces with Apex3 and are confident that together, we will provide best-in-class security solutions for the Chicagoland area and beyond,” said P4 President and CEO Larry Doria. “Together, we are perfectly positioned to deliver industry-leading expertise, boutique customer service and state-of-the-art innovation – which creates extraordinary opportunities and value for all Apex3 and P4 clients.”

Through this partnership, Apex3 will customize and integrate hardware and/or software security solutions to be utilized by P4 guards (on-site or remote) creating fluidity and enhancing the effectiveness of the range of protective services offered.

“Larry and I go back decades and quite literally grew up in the security industry before leading separate organizations; we are now aligned together to provide the highest level of services available for our diverse clients,” said Apex3 Founder and Principal Jim Taff. “This approach to security enhances awareness to the benefit of our trusted partners and clients.”

Doria added, “I’m excited to partner with Jim. This is the first time in our lengthy careers that we are sitting on the same side of the table.” P4 and Apex3 will work hand-in-hand to provide customized solutions to address unique client needs. The leadership teams from both firms are subject matter experts and some of the most recognized names and proven leaders within the security trade.