Oldcastle introduces new perimeter security solutions

Oct. 21, 2008
Company adds Guardtower, IP6000 to product portfolio

Oldcastle Security strengthened its perimeter security portfolio with the introduction of several new security products that deter escape attempts and intrusion of the prison environment.

New to the portfolio are Guardtower-a non-lethal electric fence option and IP6000-an induced pulse high voltage security electric fence controller.

The Non-Lethal Guardtower security fence sensing device detects wire movement in any direction, including in and out, side to side, or wire spread caused by climbing. It also detects cut wire or a severed communications link. The fence sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the environment.

The induced impulse IP6000 security electric fence system deters and delays escapees or intruders with a short, safe high-voltage shock. The IP6000 detects attacks by monitoring the fence for cut wires and shorting.

These new offerings provide additional security solutions designed to deter, detect, delay, assess and respond to escape attempts and intrusions in a wide range of applications. They provide the correctional industry the security needed in today’s challenging environment.

Oldcastle Security has a large selection of perimeter security products and customizes perimeter security solutions to affordably meet each installation’s security requirements. For additional information visit our website at www.oldcastlesecurity.com or call 215.257.2255.