Physical Hardening

The Physical Hardening product category is a collection of news, product listings and other resources for security professionals researching Physical Hardening solutions. It covers intrusion sensors, vehicle and personnel barriers, and other perimeter hardening solutions.
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Secured Cities

Cepton announces closing of $100 million investment from Koito Manufacturing

Jan. 20, 2023
Cepton plans to deploy the additional capital to help fund the company's next stage of growth, continue series production execution and expand its collaboration efforts towards...
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Perimeter Security Sensors

Takex TXF-20TDM Twin Beam Security Sensor

Jan. 10, 2023
The battery-operated TXF-20TDM Twin Beam is ideal for rapid deployment by creating a temporary or permanent secure intruder detection systems without costly civil engineering ...
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Security trends to watch for in 2023

Jan. 10, 2023
Here is a compendium of predictions and security trends to watch out for this year cover biometrics, physical security, video surveillance, third-party risk management and residential...