Boon Edam Launches Range of High Impact Vehicle Barriers

Oct. 13, 2006
New rang includes hydraulic bollards, road blockers and beams

The range of barriers includes independently certified bollards, road blockers and beams, all tested and certified to internationally recognized US Department of State standards to prevent aggressive vehicle intrusion at high-risk sites.

Boon Edam Tomsed hydraulic bollards combine an open, aesthetic appearance, combining free movement of pedestrians with a high level of perimeter control.

Road Blockers are designed for maximum security. The K12 crash-test certified wedge shape barriers deter pedestrian traffic and are highly visible when in use. The hydraulic road blockers feature automatic raising and lowering, and install flush to the finish roadway when retracted.

Beams are designed for the highest level of perimeter protection and deter both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Minimal or no excavation is required across the roadway, and the unit can be installed in close proximity to the property line. In a test involving the Boon Edam Tomsed Patriot, a 15,000-pound vehicle travelling at 50 mph achieved zero penetration and was completely disabled while the barrier was able to continue functioning once the debris had been removed.

Advice on applications and product choice plus comprehensive after sales support is available via the worldwide network of Boon Edam sales and service companies and authorized distributors.

David Bunkall, Director of Group Marketing for Royal Boon Edam Group Holding B.V. said; “These barriers have traditionally been associated with government and military sites around the world, but more and more organizations today are having to consider their use as the threat of terrorist attack has spread to softer targets such as nuclear, pharmaceutical and petro-chemical plants. The addition of these barriers to our Security Access range underlines the increasing role Boon Edam is playing in the global security market.”

Boon Edam Tomsed’s comprehensive Security Access range includes Security Doors and Portals, Waist High Turnstiles, Pedestrian Security Lanes, Full Height Turnstiles and High Impact Vehicle Barriers.