Patent Issued for RFID-Based Perimeter Protection

Sept. 23, 2006
RFID data stream designed to detect intrusions across line-of-site perimeter

Over the last several years and practically since 9/11, there has been a significant increase in the number of intrusions as well as acts of international terrorism. Although a large amount of time, effort and money has been budgeted to agencies like Homeland Security, these intrusions and attempts to protect individuals as well as property has not lessened the threat.

Access control devices supervise access at perimeter doors, but fail to detect vandalism or terrorist threats to the exterior of a facility and the immediate vicinity of a structure or area to be protected.

Existing perimeter security systems and the prior art consist of CCTV cameras, sense cables either buried or attached to metal fences, infrared and microwave sensors. Limitations are the rule since CCTV cameras are less effective at night and both IR sensors and CCTV cameras are compromised by fog and rain, IR and microwave sensors do not locate the point of the attempted intrusion and fence cables are limited to metal fences. Buried cable sensors require significant site engineering. None of the present solutions can locate intrusions accurately on hard surfaces such as brick walls or buildings.

United States patent # 7,069,160 overcomes the shortcomings of the older technologies by utilizing RFID passive proximity chips to precisely locate intrusions regardless of weather or of the structural material it is attached to or imbedded in.

Other patents previously issued to Cecil, of Escondido, Calif., include Multi-channel IR, PIN/Proximity Card and RFID Gun Safety.