Verasys Creates Safe Environment for Miami Vice Filming

Sept. 13, 2006
Company's roles: in-country security, developed and implemented security protocols

Keeping it real...but not too real...during the filming of Miami Vice is just one of the roles played by the Verasys LLC team.

Miami Vice strove for realism by filming in potentially risky locations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Heading up the international security team from pre-production through filming wrap-up was Verasys LLC President James Milford. Ensuring the safety of cast and crew required a coordinated effort between each country's military and law enforcement. The Verasys team's in-depth knowledge and insight into the various geographic conditions, political situations, social systems and infrastructure - as well as longstanding relationships within the region at every level of government and law enforcement - assured that the actors, executives and personnel didn't face any of the dangers their fictional characters did.

Among their roles during the production were in-country security, developing and implementing security protocols, and acting as liaison with local officials in each country.

As a former DEA Deputy Administrator, James Milford has firsthand experience with the twists and turns of the Miami Vice plot. His knowledge of the inner workings of ATF, DEA and other government agencies was helpful toward accurately portraying the investigative process. Milford's background also provided the scriptwriters with access to content experts within the areas of domestic and international law enforcement, by setting up meetings with key individuals with real-life experience in drug busts, extraditions and other events portrayed.

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