SecureUSA develops eco-friendly bollards

May 29, 2008
FutureWedge electric bollards offer cost, reliability and maintenance advantages

SecureUSA, leading provider of perimeter defense solutions, is setting a new standard for the perimeter security industry through the development of new environmentally friendly, fully electric vehicle barrier solutions. Aware of its environmental responsibilities, SecureUSA now has a full range of green crash rated vehicle barriers and bollards, ranging from K4 to K12 levels.

As the demand and regulation to design and construct green facilities across the nation grows stronger, SecureUSA is providing solutions to compliment environmentally conscience construction projects, and is the only company with a full range of green solutions.

As North America’s leading provider of perimeter defense solutions, SecureUSA has secured the nation’s most prestigious government, corporate and military establishments from the threat of vehicular intrusion and vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) for over 14 years. In the rush since 9/11 to secure the Nation’s at risk facilities, SecureUSA has found itself having to install heavy duty hydraulic vehicle barrier equipment such as wedge barriers, retractable bollards, and crash beams, that are prone to environmental pollution. The use of hydraulic fluids produces messy oil reservoirs and hazardous leaks and spills, causing clean up and safety issues, not to mention noise pollution created by large hydraulic pumps.

SecureUSA has found that hydraulic fluid leaks have led to soil contamination, and there has been a risk of water contamination at many sites. In an effort to combat these issues and be more environmentally aware, SecureUSA has designed a new era in barrier technology, producing the green electrically operated FutureWEDGE and fully electric EB Series Bollards. These new barrier technologies have many environmental benefits, in addition to low cost of ownership, reliability and maintenance advantages.

Electrical Efficiency

When one thinks of a green product, efficiency of operation is imperative; in this arena the SecureUSA FutureWEDGE and EB active bollards do not disappoint. The barriers make use of a three phase motor which provides greater efficiency of power utilization than single phase solutions. The industrial-grade, intelligent oscillator converts incoming electricity to three phase power, resulting in lower overall energy consumption and allowing the use of any incoming power source.

Linear Actuation and Spring Assist

With the new FutureWEDGE design the linear mode of actuation maintains the pursuit of overall efficiency by moving the barrier in the simplest and most direct manner. Added spring assist further reduces the electrical power required to operate the barrier and increases duty cycles.

Elimination of Hazardous Hydraulic Fluids

The SecureUSA FutureWEDGE and Electric Bollard Series of vehicle barriers are completely electrically operated, eliminating messy hydraulic oils and hazardous wastes. There is no need for hydraulic pumps, hazardous hydraulic fluid reservoirs or hydraulic hoses, which are prone to leakages.

Less Disruption to Surrounding Environment for Install

The FutureWEDGE Series has been designed in both surface mount and shallow mount configurations. Unlike other barriers on the market these barriers can be cost effectively bolted straight down to a suitable road surface, or for greater crash rating, shallow mounted in as little as only 9 inches of foundation. This shallow mount design reduces disruption to the surrounding environment and underground utilities. It also speeds install time.

Simpler Maintenance

The three phase motor design featured in both the FutureWEDGE and Electric Bollard Series provides much smoother and efficient operation than traditional vehicle barriers, allowing the barriers to be easily reversed in mid cycle without high stress or wear and tear on the drive components. The simple electromechanical drive system has few moving parts and is easily maintained.