TeleEye Unveils Mobile Monitoring Solution

Aug. 20, 2006
M-303 units allow security, business directors to access video easily from mobile phone

Nowadays, professionals and managers increasingly need fast, convenient and mobile access to information anywhere and anytime. In view of this, TeleEye Group developed TeleEye Mobile Monitoring Solution (M-303) for them to access video of their business through mobile phones with incredible ease.

TeleEye M-monitoring Solution (M-303) gives you the best access to the live video monitoring via mobile phone. More than making voice calls, listening MP3 and playing games, TeleEye M-303 can even make your business portable with mobile phone while you are on the move.

TeleEye M-303 is a J2ME based application running on mobile phone and partnered with TeleEye RX360 Series Video Recording Transmitter. Just by a simple click on your mobile phone, you can make connection to a remotely located TeleEye RX360 Transmitter and then view instant video wherever you are. Whether it is operated on 3G, GPRS, EDGE or HSDPA, it also works well! M-303 supports up to 16 cameras and you can view multiple locations with one click!

Mobile Office Monitoring: No matter where you are, either during travel or out of office, just connect your mobile phone to a remotely located TeleEye RX360 Series video transmitter you can get live videos of your business operations. Business operations therefore become more transparent. Not only monitor business operations, but also do your routine office duties like administration, management, sales, marketing and accounting simultaneously while on travel.

Property Management: The property management staff can use TeleEye M-303 to get live video of property, car park, door gate, and playground. Authorized security staff can also get live video and manage unmanned premises remotely. Not only viewing, but also in case of events such as motion detection and temper, TeleEye M-303 can alert the user even they are on the road.

"TeleEye M-303 is fully integrated with TeleEye RX360 Series and specially designed for managers who are required to monitor their business and sites from time to time. With TeleEye M-303, the complicated situation becomes simple with just one click.“ Dr. Cliff C. K. Chan, CEO of TeleEye Group said.

Applications are not limited to offsite management and monitoring of office. With TeleEye M-303, managers can view their real time business operation anytime while on the road. Applications include project management, factory and production monitoring, construction site monitoring, traffic condition monitoring, day care monitoring, home security, retail monitoring etc. are allowed.

Main Features of TeleEye M-303 - Video transmission on 3G, GPRS, EDGE or HSDPA - Up to 16 video channel selections - Password protection - sureLINK technology support dynamic IP Internet connection - Easy-to-use channel selection. - Event notification - Multiple-user connection