Southwest Microwave Launches New Perimeter Security Monitoring System

Feb. 16, 2006
Windows-based system allows company to integrate and manage several perimeter security devices

Southwest Microwave has recently introduced its Perimeter Security Manager, an advanced security monitoring and control system, which is claimed to offer sophisticated integration capabilities

"This real-time, Windows-based system is perfect for facilities seeking to integrate and manage several perimeter security devices at a single location or multiple sites. With Perimeter Security Manager, security professionals can monitor Southwest Microwave's complete range of intrusion detection equipment, It offers high-level interface to a broad range of auxiliary security devices, including CCTV cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), perimeter lighting, pagers and gates," says a spokesman for the US-based company

He explains: "The system provides the convenience of multiple site control, multiple workstations and remote, password-protected system access. Perimeter Security Manager also allows plug-and-play integration of security devices, so modules are immediately recognised with no hardwiring required

"Our Perimeter Security Manager technology does exactly what the name suggests: it manages your entire perimeter security system, incorporating advanced software technology with an intuitive interface, automated alarm protocols and easy system integration," says Bob Kirkaldie, Southwest Microwave's director of sales and marketing. "This system is designed to work with Southwest Microwave's Intrepid product family as well as CCTV systems and auxiliary security devices." "Another feature that sets the Perimeter Security Manager apart is its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), which features high-resolution images, live video, graphical maps, customisable screens and event diagnostics. The user-friendly display with optional touch-screen capability lets operators view a detailed, 2D site rendering with real-time active icons that clearly indicate the status and location of security system devices. The