Entry security provided by Smarter Security

July 15, 2013
Fastlane Glasswing Optical Turnstiles installed afterpoor experience with competitor’s product

Austin, Texas – July 8, 2013 – Smarter Security, Inc., provider of premium, innovative entrance control and outdoor security solutions, today announced that a global semiconductor company recently installed Fastlane Glasswing® optical turnstiles in its manufacturing and research facility in the eastern United States. After initially installing competing turnstiles in one building, Kratos Public Safety & Security Solutions, Inc. helped its customer switch to Smarter Security and Glasswing for its next building due to the company’s superior sales support and service.

“We have worked with Kratos on a number of projects across the country, and we appreciate them recommending Smarter Security for this semiconductor company’s security needs,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “While our Fastlane optical turnstiles are widely known for their sleek design, technology, and reliability, our customers know Smarter Security for our people who provide personal attention to their needs during the sales process and with any technical or support needs that may arise.”

The customer recently installed five lanes of Fastlane Glasswing to protect the entrance from a non-secure cafeteria into the worker’s offices and manufacturing center. The first order with Smarter Security placed five lanes of Glasswing in the main lobby of this same building. The customer chose Glasswing because the turnstile has retracting glass barriers which is the same barrier type used on the competing turnstiles that were first installed in an adjacent building.

Kratos Public Safety & Security Solutions, Inc. was the systems integrator on the initial optical turnstile installation in another building. Problems with the supplier’s service, delivery, and ability to keep promises prompted Kratos to recommend switching to Smarter Security for any additional entrances needing security. A Kratos representative who has worked with Smarter Security’s Director of Sales Northeast Region, Robin Hakos, says “she is very responsive, cares about the customer, and always comes through.” The systems integrator also appreciates the drawings and on-site training provided by Smarter Security.

Fastlane Glasswing from Smarter Security is a security turnstile with elegant glass barriers that quickly retract into the pedestal body upon user authorization. The turnstile is designed to allow passage of up to 60 people per minute and has multiple safety beams designed to prevent the barrier from striking users. Glasswing offers high security with multiple alarms that detect if someone has entered the lane, pushed open the barriers, or moved the barrier without being in the lane. Advanced intelligence from Fastlane optical technology minimizes false alarms and reliably detects tailgaters.