Another Market for Canine Detection Crews: Concerned Parents

June 1, 2006
K9 services company normally used to check for terror threats finds itself getting parental requests

London, May 27 -- Parents in Britain are hiring sniffer dogs to find out if their children are on drugs.

Security firm Detect International K9 Support Services has turned its attention to kids' bedrooms after the success of a similar operation in schools.

"We get a lot of requests from parents, sometimes after we have carried out a search of their child's school, who want to find out if there are any drugs in their bedroom," Training and operations manager Robert Taylor was quoted by the Mirror,

The firm, based in Essex and Lancashire, has searched 211 houses around the country and says demand for the 50 pounds visits is growing.

He said the sniffer dogs act as a deterrent to pupils thinking of bringing drugs to school.

"If drugs are there, we will find them," he added.

Published by HT Media Ltd. with permission from Asian News International.