Chemical and Explosives Detection Devices to Be Demonstrated at ASIS

Sept. 23, 2006
Units feature technology from Isonics and DualDraw

Isonics and DualDraw issued a joint press release announcing the demonstration and exhibition of new chemical and explosives detection units at the ASIS International show this week in San Diego, Calif.

On display will be a handheld unit for passenger screening, first responders and law enforcement. According to the company, the device resembles a "beefy DustBuster" with an LCD screen and audible alarm if it detects chemical agents or homemade explosives on a person, in a package or backpack.

Also available for demonstration is a portable unit to screen for chemical weapons and homemade explosives in mailrooms, entry-point security screening at courthouses or sport arenas, on-board threat detection in mass transit applications like light rail.

The companies are also showcasing the "Downdraft technology" for mailrooms and security workstations, which prevents workers from breathing biohazards such as anthrax.

Included too is "Sniffer" technology, which detects trace amounts of homemade explosives including TATP, which is undetectable through current X-ray screening. TATP was used by the shoe bomber and is believed to be the substance intended in the liquid explosives plot thwarted in London. The same units also monitor for deadly chemical agents like Sarin, which sent 5,000 to the hospital in the 1995 Tokyo subway attack.