RAE Systems introduces new wireless modem

June 10, 2008
RAELink3 integrates portable devices into toxic gas/radiation detection networks

RAE Systems,a leader in delivering innovative sensor solutions to serve industrial, energy, environmental and government safety markets worldwide, today introduced the RAELink3, a wireless modem for integrating RAE Systems’ portable instruments into AreaRAE toxic gas and radiation detection networks.

The RAELink3 is being shown for the first time at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota at booth #615 RAE Systems Monitors and third party products linked with a RAELink3 modem can communicate sensor data and GPS coordinates to a command center’s PC running ProRAE Remote Software up to 2 miles away. Bluetooth connectivity simplifies use with handheld monitors, while a user-friendly display and interface simplify configuration and status checking of the RAELink3. Applications include first responders, confined space entry, industrial incident response, public venue protection, industrial survey and safety, as well as perimeter monitoring.

"The versatile RAELink3 can be easily field-configured to interface with other AreaRAE Systems and can be changed from host modem to repeater or to remote modem on the fly," said Bobby Sheikhan, RAE Systems director of wireless products. "The RAELink3 is easily configured to interface both gas detection and radiation monitors."

Products supported by the RAELink3 include the MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE 3000 and UltraRAE 3000 photoionization detectors, the MultiRAE Plus 5-gas monitor and the GammaRAE II R radiation monitor. The battery provides up to 18 hours of continuous operation and the RAELink3 has intrinsic safety certifications for use in hazardous environments.

The RAELink 3 will be available from authorized RAE Systems distributors beginning mid-June. For more information on the RAELink3 and our other wireless gas detection solutions please visit www.RAESystems.com.