DualDraw Unveils New Chemical and Explosive Detection Inspection Tables

Sept. 18, 2006
AirCHX system designed to protect inspectors from inhaling hazardous powders

Denver, Colo. – September 12, 2006 -- DualDraw, LLC will demonstrate its newly enhanced AirCHX homeland security product line for security professionals at the ASIS International conference in San Diego, September 25-28.

AirCHX Chemical & Explosive Detection Solutions use a patented symmetrical airflow design combined with Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) trace detection technology to detect and identify homemade explosives including TATP and toxic chemicals, such as Sarin. At the same time, these solutions protect workers from inhaling harmful powders and biological hazards like anthrax, significantly increasing safety in the workplace and reducing worker anxiety.

AirCHX are ideal for use in a mailroom environment or at security checkpoints, such as those located at courthouses, airports, or port authorities. “There are daily reports about employees handling threatening packages and envelopes,” says Dan Prather, Vice President of Business Development for DualDraw. “Many times, businesses have to shut their doors for a number of hours to ensure the threat is a hoax. AirCHX helps make the workplace safer and avoid these costly work stoppages.”

The IMS technology utilized by AirCHX intake a small air sample from a suspect item such as a package or backpack. The molecules from the air sample are then exposed to an ionization source causing them to become electrically charged. These charged particles are then analyzed and identified. If the unit detects a threat, it identifies the substance and displays concentration levels on the unit’s LCD screen and triggers an alarm signal for the operator, and if programmed, can transmit its data to warn authorities.

These products are available for immediate sale and will be demonstrated at ASIS International 2006 in the Isonics HSDC booth # 7147. For federal government customers, this product is available via GSA schedule # GS-25F-0161M.

About AirCHX

AirCHX systems (pronounced Air Checks) draw harmful substances away from workers, while the new IMS capability checks for the presence of chemicals and explosives. AirCHX units are currently available in Security Inspection and Mailroom configurations.

About DualDraw

Manufacturers of air quality equipment since 1995, DualDraw’s patented, high-quality solutions provide thousands of domestic and international customers with immediate safety relief. For additional information call 800-977-2125 or visit DualDraw on the web at www.dualdraw.com.