TraceGuard Reports Successful Test Results in Extracting and Detecting Liquid Explosives

Sept. 13, 2006
Company Addresses Current and Enormous Threat to Aviation Security

TraceGuard Technologies Inc., a developer of innovative security technologies and solutions, based on the automated detection of trace amounts of explosives, today reported that, in conjunction with the most recent threats to airline security last month, the Company conducted in-house tests reconfirming its ability to enable the effective detection of traces of explosives in both solid and liquid form.

The test results reaffirmed that TraceGuard's unique technology has and does possess the ability to enable the effective detection of explosive traces, as small as 50 milligrams, in both solid and liquid forms.

Utilizing the Company's CarrySafe(TM) prototype, the test involved placing minute quantity of RDX in a solution format mixed with water in a baby's drinking bottle. The bottle was placed in a sports duffel bag with other items regularly taken during standard travel. The bag was placed in the CarrySafe(TM) prototype, which ran its cycle according to standard detection processes. After the trace extraction phase, the filter was placed in a standard Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) detector for analysis, which is the same detector utilized by TSA and authorities worldwide for explosive detection. The analysis demonstrated a definitive, positive signal of RDX explosive material on the filter clearly verifying the efficacy of TraceGuard's technology.

""The recent near-disaster at Heathrow, in which terrorists were attempting to use liquid explosives to inflict mass casualties and destruction, brought aviation security, or the lack thereof, once again to international headlines. TraceGuard has now completed a series of successful tests to confirm the Company's unique capability in extracting and enabling detection of any explosive substance, in both solid and liquid form," stated Dr. Ehud Ganani, CEO and Chairman.

"We are moving ahead with our strategic plan and business model more confident than ever, that TraceGuard's technology will address ever-present and continued threats to aviation and a host of other industries that are threatened by terrorism," Dr. Ganani concluded.