Agreement Would Allow UDT Bioterror Equipment to Work with MSA SmartTech EDS Technology

March 7, 2006
Cooperative agreement would help link screening technologies

LOS ANGELES - Universal Detection Technology, a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies to protect people from bioterrorism and other infectious health threats, announced today that it has signed a joint development agreement with one of the world's leading homeland security technology providers, Michael Stapleton Associates (MSA), to cooperate in an effort to enable UDTT's bio-threat technologies to operate with MSA's SmartTech explosive detection and surveillance systems.

Michael Stapleton Associates' SmartTech technology is designated and certified by the Department of Homeland Security's SAFETY act. SmartTech is a high-speed audio and video connection that allows a Bomb Technician located in New York to support a screening operation anywhere in North America and ultimately worldwide. Whenever an image captured by the X-Ray machine is beyond the scope of the operator they can, by clicking the SmartTech icon, transmit the image real time to the MSA SmartTech Operations Center. At the same time the image is transmitted, audio communication is established and the screener and expert can evaluate the image using all of the features of the machine at the direction of the MSA technician.

The agreement between UDTT and MSA reflects each company's desire to integrate their respective counterterrorism and homeland security technologies. Under the agreement, UDTT and MSA will work together to identify protocols governing the project, develop interfaces to enable the respective products to communicate, and engage in quality testing of the interfaces. The term of the agreement continues for two years, although either party may terminate earlier upon 60 days advance notice.

"With SmartTech, MSA uses technology to bring the experience of their subject matter experts to the front line to assist security personnel in the field to mitigate potential explosive threats. MSA looks forward to the opportunity of working with UDT to expand the services we currently provide in the Chem. Bio detection field," said Mr. Keith Mulcahy, MSA's Director of Sales.

"We're delighted with the opportunity to work closely with a technology leader such as MSA that brings a wealth of important and high-profile experience in counterterrorism technology," said Mr. Jacques Tizabi, Chairman and CEO of Universal Detection Technology. "We hope to develop an integrated technology solution that will address major security markets to achieve protection of civilians and a range of critical infrastructure assets."

UDTT has worldwide exclusive ownership of a proprietary detection and monitoring technology based on JPL's spore detection technology and UDTT's aerosol capture technology. The BSM-2000, can detect the presence of airborne bacterial spores, such as anthrax, and provide early-warning alerts to further enable the protection of human lives and health.

About Michael Stapleton Associates (MSA)

MSA is the first and only Explosives Detection Security Company in the United States designated and certified by the Department of Homeland Security to provide anti-terrorism technologies. MSA's products and services emphasize protection against explosive and radiological devices, biological agents and potential high-risk intruders. Founded in 1987, Michael Stapleton Associates has become the premier explosive detection company in America by focusing on providing the very best in explosive detection canine teams and equipment, perimeter defense, anti-terrorist services, information and training, MSA combines hands-on experts with information and technology focused on providing clients with the best possible resources for reducing their vulnerability to the threat of terrorism and protecting their personnel and property. Additional information is available at

About Universal Detection Technology

Universal Detection Technology (UDTT), founded in 1973, is a developer of advanced monitoring and early-warning technologies whose mission is to help meet today's heightened security and defense requirements in the global war on terror. The Company's intellectual property portfolio includes exclusive worldwide commercial licensing of technology developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and its own proprietary aerosol capture technology, which are combined in the Company's initial monitoring device, the BSM-2000. Management believes that the Company's technology, together with third-party technologies and devices, has positioned it to capitalize on growth and value opportunities related to Homeland Security. For more information, visit