Rapiscan Receives Contract for CT Systems for High-Speed Hold Baggage Screening

March 7, 2006

HAWTHORNE, Calif. - Rapiscan Systems, a division of OSI Systems, Inc., announced today that it has received a contract for approximately $7 million from Manchester Airport Group (MAG) for multiple units of the Rapiscan RTT120 CT system for high-speed hold baggage screening. The contract award included an initial deposit of approximately $1.7 million. Under the terms of the contract Rapiscan Systems is to deliver the systems starting in fiscal 2008 and the customer has an option for additional systems through 2011. If fully exercised, the option would bring the total value of the contract to approximately $40 million.

The Rapiscan RTT120 has been designed to screen up to 1,500 bags per hour, or up to four times the speed of the currently deployed certified CT systems in U.S. airports. The Rapiscan RTT120 utilizes a patented solid-state design that eliminates the need for a rotating mechanical gantry.

Customer Service Director of MAG, Mr. Mike Razackerly, stated, "In 1996 Manchester was the first airport in the world to deploy CT technology for Hold Baggage Screening. Having more experience with this type of technology than other airport management groups, we studied the benefits of the RTT120 closely and were convinced this technology represents a major step forward in security detection systems in terms of both efficiency and cost."

President of Rapiscan Systems, Mr. Ajay Mehra, stated, "We are extremely pleased with today's announcement and look forward to working closely with Manchester Airports as they deploy this state-of-the-art HBS technology in their network of airports. The Rapiscan RTT120 underscores Rapiscan Systems' commitment to the HBS market solidifying our global leadership position in the aviation market."