Hawk Protection Systems Files Patent for Surveillance and Detection Robot

May 5, 2005
Heavy duty robot can be used in extreme situations for surveillance, explosives detection and rescues

Hawk Protection Systems, Inc. (HWPR), is pleased to announce it has filed and received patent pending status for the DSR-X by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

The Hawk Protection Systems, Inc. DSR (Detection and Surveillance Robot) is a heavy duty remote controlled robot that can be used in extreme situations as a surveillance, explosives detection, and rescue mission device. It provides its user with remote controlled senses.

The DSR-X which is currently in its research and development stages will be a more advanced version of the DSR. The DSR-X will incorporate an explosives detector (neutron generator) onboard which will allow it to not only relay visual data back to its operator but also detection data of explosives in the area where the DSR-X will be monitoring.

The design of the DSR-X will evolve from the DSR. The dimensions will be larger than the original DSR as well as the implementation of a detection technology, another possibility outlined in the patent, is the use of a gamma ray camera system that could provide a visual of the spectrum which would locate materials more precisely, this technology is still being developed worldwide, however we hope to be able to use it in the future to make the DSR-X a more precise and more competitive product.

"We believe in the DSR product but in our talks with various industry experts and potential clients we have been noticing their interest in the potential for an explosives detection DSR so we decided to research this idea." said John Altes, Founder and CEO of Hawk Protection Systems, Inc.

"Submitting the Patent application for the DSR-X is one of the first steps in the development of the product. It will give us the time needed in order to properly develop a prototype of the DSR-X" said John Altes, Founder and CEO of Hawk Protection Systems, Inc.