Podcast Recap: Living, learning and building a security enterprise

May 21, 2024
Steve Jones discusses how he transformed Allied Universal into the third-largest private employer in North America.

As culture, technology and society shift, businesses need to adapt their security strategies. Companies that were once household names can capsize easily if caught resting on their laurels, but those that pursue an informed strategy can evolve into industry giants. Steve Jones, CEO and Global Chairman of Allied Universal, did exactly that.

In this recent episode of Security DNA, host Steve Lasky of SecurityInfoWatch.com speaks with Jones about how he transformed Allied Universal into the third-largest private employer in North America using both his business acumen and skills he honed on the football field.

Jones: “There is no business I know that faces success year after year without any challenges.”

Previously the CEO of Universal Services of America, Jones teamed with AlliedBarton to create Allied Universal, the company he now serves as CEO. Jones has led Allied Universal through a growth boom resulting in the company earning more than $18 billion in revenue, and he’s received numerous accolades for his accomplishments, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He became an author with the publication of No Off Season: The Constant Pursuit of More: A Playbook for Achieving More in Business and Life, in which he shares the lessons he learned pursuing success in the business world.

Find this month’s episode of Security DNA here.


  • The tenets Jones lives by that have helped shape him into an industry powerhouse
  • How Jones approaches leadership “from the tip of the spear” as a coach
  • What Allied Universal’s acquisition strategy means for its future expansion
  • And why Jones believes security services are more important now than ever


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