Psync Labs unveils industry-first GPT-enabled smart home camera

Nov. 3, 2023
Psync Camera Genie S is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Psync Labs announces the debut of its pioneering product, Psync Camera Genie S, a first-to-its kind smart home camera that leverages innovative generative AI technology. Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Psync Camera Genie S is now available for purchase. 

"Genie S is not just a security camera. There are so many memorable moments that fly by quicker than we can pull out our phones, or they occur when we're away from home," said Echo Wong, VP of Marketing at Psync Labs. "Integrating the multimodal AI technology, Genie S is designed to deliver a brand new experience that captures life's small joys or milestones - from keeping an eye on your elderly loved ones, catching a funny moment of your furry friends, or documenting a toddler's first step while you are not there…Genie S is designed to help users to preserve these unexpected but precious moments."

The Genie S is the world's first GPT camera with advanced AI service, ViewSay. Unlike conventional smart cameras, the Psync Camera Genie S goes beyond just seeing and hearing. It possesses the intelligence to recognize and label objects within its view. This means that your camera is no longer just a one-way viewing device but a self-analyzing tool that can provide video content creation based on its understanding of the visual input.

With ViewSay, the Genie S recognizes over a thousand types of objects along with their characteristics and states. It can search for related videos from a massive archive based on these identifications. This feature showcases the powerful recognition capabilities of large-scale AI models and serves as the foundation for the implementation of other functionalities.

ViewSay converts what the camera sees into text descriptions and pushes these to the user in a visual and textual format, providing clear and immediate insights into alert-worthy events.

By continuously extracting frames from videos to capture key features, ViewSay builds an image-to-text vector database. This supports keyword, phrase, and text-based search for specific video segments. Users can locate video segments of interest by entering any keywords, phrases, or descriptions.

Users can also customize alert conditions. The system smartly captures key moments and sends event-specific notifications, filtering out false or unnecessary alarms.

An indoor smart camera with a vertical view, the Genie S boasts a 2K resolution image quality with 5 megapixels to create a clear and undistorted image quality — even when zoomed in — so users feel fully immersed in their homes. In fact, with a focal length of around 50 centimeters (which closely matches the equivalent focal length of the human eye) the Genie S eliminates wide-angle distortion often seen with other cameras.

Unlike other apps, whose functionality mimics that of a remote control, the Psync app uniquely makes you feel as if you're at home as soon as you click into it. The app is designed to make the view a full-screen display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Unnecessary clutter has been removed, emphasizing only the aspects of your home within the frame. Each camera presents on the screen scenes that a user cares about, through which they can use a sliding mechanism for easy navigation, enhancing the simulation of "movement" through their spaces or home.

With Genie's enhanced pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, tracking and capturing are taken to a whole new level — leaving users immersed in the moment, whether it's engaging in a delightful game of chasing their beloved fur babies or simply enjoying their surroundings.

The Genie S stands out as the most compact pan-tilt-zoom camera to date. This camera has an ultra-small form that enables full rotation and a true vertical angle, allowing for an expansive full view from top to bottom. In order to enhance privacy, the opening and closing design structure makes it easy to control when the camera is on or off, providing a quick visual confirmation. In addition, the camera comes with 32G/64GB of on-board local storage ensuring information security with no additional SD card needed. It can support 12-second event playback recording and 14-day storage. Your privacy, your control.

Psync Labs set out to solve the challenges of typical night vision like black & white images, and diminished viewing experience by using four LED spotlights for true 24hr full color. Blending the modern lifestyle with a vertical full-screen experience, the Genie S actively captures exciting moments and effortlessly shares them on social media by seamlessly forwarding to Instagram and TikTok.