The state of distribution

March 29, 2012
What's going on in the supply chain?

Tri-Ed Northern Distribution’s Pat Comunale reflected on the state of distribution at the ISC West 2012 show. President and chief operating officer of the Woodbury, N.Y., firm acknowledged the changing face of the supply chain market, but held steady that Tri-Ed Northern continues to focus on its customers and their needs in the marketplace.

Tri-Ed Northern’s ‘people’ approach to the business continues to be at the core of its successful supply chain, Comunale said. “Most of our dealers use the web to look at pricing and inventory, but to order product they still rely on our technical sales support team,” he said. “They have a comfort level in talking to someone to actually order product. He said the company has some 300 sales support personnel to assist with dealer product purchases.

“It’s been our vendor partnerships that have helped us grow. Others are consolidating their lines, but we’re expanding ours,” Comunale said.