Recent acquisitions fuel 3xLOGIC's business strategy

Sept. 29, 2015
Company focused on providing end-to-end solutions for the security market

Less than eight months removed from its acquisition of the Sonitrol product development group from Stanley, 3xLOGIC earlier this year also acquired the access control product lines of Infinias. Taken together, these acquisitions are reflective of the company’s larger, overall strategy to provide a complete, end-to-end security solution for the industry.  

“The basic premise was to create a total solution company. That’s where we see our future and that’s where we see our products headed today into a total solution provider so that we are enabling our integration partners to provide a single-source solution that’s really easy to install, is infinitely scalable and providers opportunities for those integrators to realize a recurring revenue stream,” said Wendi Burke, senior director of marketing for 3xLOGIC.

Given the commoditization of video surveillance hardware, Burke said that software platforms are really driving the market forward and companies that are in the position to provide a more comprehensive solution will be the ones that thrive.

“When an integrator is putting a project together, it’s rare that they are piecemealing it these days. They are not going to go somewhere else for a camera unless there is one that just does something completely different from everybody else,” explained Burke. “Usually what they’re trying to do is partner with companies that are offering a full solution and then what benefits those people is how easy it is to work with. For example, if you are setting up a server and it can automatically go out and find all of the cameras and all of the hardware, whether it is point-of-sale systems, ATMs or door controller hardware, if it can automate all of those processes for them, then they are going to go to those manufacturers to find that.”

The intelligence built into 3xLOGIC’s software also enables integrators to create recurring revenue models based off of them, according to Burke.

“We have a client management system that does health monitoring on the system, so an integrator can sell a maintenance package on that,” added Burke. “Another real world example of that is you setup a system and it goes out and it monitors the health of the cameras. Are they up? Are they focused? Have they been tampered with or moved out of view?  Do you have a server running and is there good bandwidth?”

Using this functionality, Burke said one of their integration partners was recently able to detect a camera that went down at one of their customer sites that they were able to diagnose and fix remotely. The very next day, that camera captured images that helped authorities track down several suspects wanted in connection with breaking into a car on the site.

Like many vendors, Burke said she has seen increased interest from customers, particularly end users, about making the move to the cloud; however, many challenges remain before the industry will be able to make this migration on a large scale.

“Obviously, not everybody is ready for that because there are certain security concerns, so that’s s a little bit of a deterrent for some people. But for the most part, we really see a lot of people wanting to go to the cloud,” said Burke. “They appreciate the ability to have a full system and not have to be experts or manage that system themselves and to not have to have experts on staff managing server rooms. They love having the new toys, they love having access to things and the ability to manage access control, cameras and see what’s going on.”

Among the products that 3xLOGIC is highlighting in its booth this week at ASIS 2015 in Anaheim, Calif., includes the new VISIX V-Series all-in-one, edge-based IP cameras. The VISIX V-Series cameras provide a complete surveillance solution for the SMB market and for unique single-point applications. It features onboard storage, onboard analytics and an onboard server that can all be managed through the cloud. 

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