CUDO Communication OEMs HPE servers for state-of-the-art intelligent video surveillance

Oct. 12, 2018
HPE servers offers choice along with performance, scalability, and reliability for intelligent event detection

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Established in October 2000, CUDO Communication is an independent system integrator and solutions provider specializing in state-of-the-art, intelligent video surveillance solutions. As an HPE OEM partner, CUDO is able to create competitive differentiation and deliver the performance, scalability, reliability, and support that customers expect from their security analytics systems.

Today’s demand for improved public security, social safety, and facility management means that CCTV and other surveillance systems are becoming increasingly important. But it’s no longer enough to simply record what has already happened. Governments and enterprises are looking for intelligent systems that are able to detect risk factors in advance.

CUDO Communication created the IntelliVIX system to provide customers with an intelligent video surveillance and real-time analytics solution that enables an immediate response to incidents and threats. Based on event zones, object types, event types, object filters, and time schedules, IntelliVIX detects user-defined events such as fire, smoke, theft, or crowd gathering, triggering an alert that enables an immediate response to the situation.

Analyzing video signals in real-time, IntelliVIX detects, tracks, and classifies moving objects—including people and cars—and analyzes their behavior using sophisticated object and behavior analysis algorithms. Once an event involving a moving object is identified using a static reference camera, IntelliVIX can control multiple PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras in the area to automatically follow the object and record its actions. Face recognition and number plate identification ensures that the right individual is engaged by the relevant authority.

As a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, IntelliVIX minimizes dependence on humans and increases the effective prevention and detection of risks and threats through its intelligent video analysis capabilities. It has proved effective in a variety of areas including urban planning and operation, infrastructure management, traffic and transportation management, and emergency control.

Ensuring reliability and support

CUDO Communication initially deployed IntelliVIX software on a white box platform but soon ran into a number of challenges that impacted their ability to grow their business. While a white box solution may be less expensive up front, customers were looking for increased reliability together with a range of solutions that could be customized to meet their needs.

“Originally we deployed IntelliVIX on a white box that we built ourselves,” explains In-Kyu Lee, Director of CUDO Communication Security Business Division. “But our customers were looking for intelligent video surveillance systems with increased resilience and scalability to meet their specific needs. We also needed a platform that could be supported globally as we expanded our business.”

HPE’s use of high quality components and factory integration together with easy-to-use management tools ensures that every component—including memory, storage, and interconnects—is reliable and easy to maintain with a comprehensive warranty to reduce risk and provide peace of mind. HPE also offers a full portfolio along with global logistics and support, which assures customers of a consistent experience with products, parts, service, and support. This extensive supply chain and support network enables companies to expand their businesses across the globe without risk or uncertainty.

Creating a better customer experience

“After evaluating a number of vendors, we decided to OEM HPE products,” adds Lee. “HPE servers enables us to provide our customers with the performance, scalability, reliability, and support that they expect for their security analytics systems.”

The HPE ProLiant DL Gen9 family offers a full portfolio of high-density rack servers providing optimized workload performance with rapid deployment and provisioning, all with a low total cost of ownership. For larger projects, CUDO uses HPE Apollo Rack Servers which offer breakthrough performance, economy, and scalability within a small footprint. Purpose-built for high-performance computing and big data analytics, they allow CUDO customers to rapidly analyze massive volumes of CCTV footage in line with their security and safety objectives.

“A comprehensive portfolio with the right price/performance and the HPE name behind it was one of the main reasons we chose HPE products for our IntelliVIX appliance,” adds Lee. “It means that we can build a customized solution that meets the performance, availability, and scalability needs of each customer at the price that’s right for their business.”

Realizing the partnership vision

“Our relationship with HPE has great potential,” says Lee. “Through the OEM program we have the opportunity to brand the equipment which enables us to create competitive differentiation. In addition, deploying our solution on a platform that is supported worldwide by HPE helps us to realize our goal of expanding into the global marketplace.”

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