Keeping up with Innovation

March 22, 2013
Technology may be improving faster than we can keep up…are you up-to-date or in the dark?

It seems like someone pressed the fast-forward button on technology a few years ago, and the breakneck pace has put the security industry on a virtual speedway — with many end-users, integrators and even vendors desperately trying to avoid being left behind the video surveillance curve.

Of course, the “gateway drug” to this massive technology shift is IP technology, as it has opened the door to what seems like thousands of other technology breakthroughs.

Thought you had a grip on high definition? Well, can you really explain the difference between HDTV and megapixel cameras to your client or company executives? Have you heard of Ultra HD yet, because chances are, you might hear about it in the future.

How about video compression standards — do you have a working knowledge on the benefits of H.264 technology yet? I hope you do, because guess what, technology has already zoomed past with the release of the new H.265 standard.

What about video standardization? This is something that should be essential knowledge for end-users and especially integrators. Do you understand its importance?

According to a report by IMS Research, the market for just the wireless infrastructure used to support video surveillance applications is expected to see tremendous growth over the next several years. The market, which grew by 11 percent in 2012, is predicted to increase by 15 percent in 2013, reaching expected revenues of $350 million.  

The bottom line is you can stick with recommending analog cameras and coax cable up your chain of command, or you can embrace new technology, with its obvious benefits, from both the usability and cost-effectiveness standpoints. As fast as technology is moving, so too are our industry’s media and educational programs, which are ready to keep both end-users and integrators from missing the proverbial bus. With the depth and breadth of the education offerings at both the upcoming ISC West show, and later at ASIS, the learning is only a plane flight and a session away.

To toot our own horn, Security Technology Executive magazine is up to the challenge. If you can’t explain the difference between HDTV and megapixel, you should check out our April issue, which has a full overview of the path that HDTV has taken in its rise to prominence in the security industry. It also includes a detailed explanation of the differences between HDTV and megapixel (and yes, there is a significant difference). Even if you aren’t a subscriber, you can pick up an STE from the Cygnus booth at ISC West, at #12147.

But hey, this is an “information now” type of era…so if you haven’t heard yet about H.265, check out Ray Coulombe’s March Tech Trends column, which will clue you in to what it is and what the advantages will be. We also had a man on the scene down at the CES 2013 show, where Ultra HD and a host of other new consumer technologies that may soon impact the security industry — from robots to the cloud —were uncovered.

And yes, we’ve got video standardization covered too. Just check out our March bonus publication, Video Surveillance Trends & Technologies. The whole publication is dedicated to teaching you — security executives and systems integrators — about the importance of video standards; how they will make your jobs easier; how far both standards bodies have come with their progress; and some of the products that conform to those standards. I will also personally be sitting down with the PSIA’s Dave Bunzel and attending the ONVIF reception at ISC West, so expect a feature story as part of SecurityInfoWatch’s daily show coverage.

Remember, it’s good to have friends to lean on as you learn about and deploy the newest technologies. No matter how you stay educated, I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay abreast of the rapidly changing technology landscape and its impact on the security industry. 

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