Webinar: How Social and Technology Trends Are Driving Video Surveillance Innovation

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There is no more dynamic physical security market than advanced video surveillance technology. The past year has demonstrated just how resilient and adaptive this technology sector is as it has addressed the shifting paradigm of both security and safety mandates created by the sustained COVID-19 pandemic and the rising tide of social dissidence. Video surveillance trends are now driven by current events that require technology to do more than record and playback.

The pandemic has substantially broadened the base of video operations to include tracking people and monitoring temperatures at secured entrances. Advanced analytics help in controlling access and multi-factor authentication with facial recognition. And artificial intelligence presents a conundrum for the video industry, as increased security application benefits are tempered by social and privacy issues of the data gathered and analyzed.

While security stands to benefit from the continued advancement of video surveillance and its ancillary universe of analytics and storage, the onus to establish a code of conduct and a sense of ethics on how we as an industry use that data will shape the trends to come. Join our panel of experts who will discuss what trends are driving video surveillance advancement, where technology is headed and how we as a security industry must address all the implications of a more immersive video landscape. 

You will learn: 

  • What video technology adaptations borne out of pandemic needs have real staying power in the industry; 
  • How video analytics driven by machine learning and AI technologies are changing the industry; 
  • And, how organizations are leveraging traditional, on-premises video deployments versus Video Surveillance as a Service offerings.