Hypersive debuts its cloud-managed SaaS offering at ISC West 2022

March 24, 2022
Company’s software can run fully in the cloud, in hybrid mode or completely on-premises

Las Vegas, NV – March 23, 2023 – At ISC West, Hypersive – a startup with deep IT roots and strong physical security industry experience – announces at ISC West an innovative cloud-managed physical security system software as a service, whose computing and storage infrastructure elements can run fully in the cloud, in hybrid mode (cloud and on-premises), or completely on premises.  

Their intent is to fulfill the requirements of organizations who want to implement new physical security systems or expand existing deployments using modern high-performance computing, storage and wide-area networking technologies as needed – in the cloud, in their data centers, or on premises. With Hypersive, organizations can quickly get to a scalable cloud computing model without giving up the security system software they’ve invested.

Jeff Gelb, co-founder and CEO of Hypersive, says, “At Hypersive, we’re able to couple our extensive IT and physical security design and deployment expertise with modern cloud automation capabilities to deliver a high-performance service that is easy to deploy and simple to use, and which provides organizations the agility to easily upscale, downscale, or relocate physical security system infrastructure as their evolving business plans may require.”

At ISC West Stand 18053 (Milestone Systems), Hypersive is presenting their first service offering: Milestone XProtect® video management software as a service. In addition to XProtect server infrastructure, Hypersive leverages high-performance virtual desktop technology to deliver the XProtect smart client software as a service to any device, regardless of operating system. This lowers device computing requirements and removes other costs associated with dependencies on specific workstation or mobile device hardware.

Jeff Gelb, co-founder and CEO of Hypersive, says, “Until now, the cloud products available to the physical security industry have required customers to buy into proprietary systems and abandon most of what they already own. These aren't customer friendly options.  Our deep background in both IT and physical security let us see that with modern cloud technology we could offer something better – a way to move to the cloud while keeping what customers already know and trust.”

Hypersive’s service architecture enables a typical cloud “only pay for what you use” billing model, whereby customers are billed based on video stored, visualized, and analyzed. The service includes application licensing and can, for example, adjust per-camera VMS licensing automatically if needed when cameras are added to or removed from the VMS.

If a customer desires to terminate its service subscription, Hypersive provides transfer options for a customer to simply take over its cloud Milestone XProtect installation without any system interruption or data loss.

About Hypersive

Formed in 2020, Hypersive’s mission is to bring the benefits of modern cloud delivery to the trusted building management and physical security solutions that are in widespread use today. For more information, visit https://www.hypersive.com/.