ERICO debuts new J-Hook support solution

Feb. 2, 2009
CADDY CAT LINKS ideal for use with a wide variety of ITS cable

SOLON, Ohio, USA, January 2009 – CADDY CAT LINKS is the newest J-Hook support solution from ERICO for use with a wide variety of ITS cable, including fiber optic, large-diameter hybrid cable and innerduct, and all high-performance cable. Featuring a wide base with smooth, beveled edges, the versatile CADDY CAT LINKS provides the largest bending radius of any J-Hook. This feature helps ensure a stable and secure installation to easily accommodate current Cat. 6a and Cat. 7, as well as future high-performance cables, to comply with TIA standards.

CADDY CAT LINKS is recyclable and saves up to 80% more raw material compared to tray systems. And, unlike basket and cable tray, grounding is not necessary. This means that less time, labor and materials are required in the construction of the total installed system.

To support a large amount of cable, trees can be quickly and easily fabricated on site in any size combination. CADDY CAT LINKS is designed to accommodate high-performance cabling upgrades, which will help eliminate the need to replace your infrastructure as additional cable is added. Utilizing code-compliant materials and all-metal construction, the product meets worldwide standards and is ideal for use in multiple environments and applications.

This enhanced J-Hook is UL Listed and features durable metal bail snaps to retain the cables. It is available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 inch sizes and accommodates a wide variety of attachment methods, such as threaded rod and wall mount. This feature reduces field inventory costs and provides instant installation solutions without having to manually assemble an unsafe or unreliable fastener.

For full details on how the CADDY CAT LINKS system can help save you time, labor and total installed cost, call 1-800-252-2339 or visit