ACTi Provides IP Solution to Enhance Building Security Surveillance System

Aug. 4, 2006
Deployment at building in Turkey avoids cable installation with IP video system

To solve a distance problem and to save on installation costs, EDS, a Turkey-based security solution provider, decided to choose most advanced IP based CCTV systems, ACTi video server plus with Transcoder to enhance a building security surveillance system in the country of Turkey.

This building surveillance project uses 14 pairs of video server (SED-2100R) and Transcoder (SED-3200) for solving connection problem. Since the security guards are used to operate the original DVR system or to use control panel to control PTZ camera. However, there are totally seven camera installation sites. The distance between each camera installation site and control center is around 140 meters, and it would have been highly difficult to install coaxial cable. Furthermore, because of the existing network system, IP transmitting method would be the best solution for this project. Each channel only needs 3Mbps and transmits through Internet. But the video quality is the same as analog system.

“Before we decided to use ACTi products for this project, we had examined at least 5 different companies’ encoders and decoders," said an EDS spokesperson. "ACTi products are really qualified and can get the leadership in Turkey security market.”