CADDY BCISN Beam Clamp Offers Alternative to Classic Beam Clamp

Oct. 11, 2005
New design uses smart nut for easy installation, mounting to existing beams

SOLON, OH - The CADDY BCISN Beam Clamp from ERICO is a creative alternative to the "classic" beam clamp. The new design features a finger-close "smart nut" that allows for easy installation of 3/8-in. threaded rod for attachment to beam flanges up to ˝-in. Without the use of tools or the need for added nuts, the CADDY BCISN easily positions on 3/8-in. threaded rod and allows for fine tuning and adjustment after the rod is locked in place.

The standard beam clamp (BC) remains available and supports Ľ-in. and 3/8-in. threaded rod, S-hooks, electrical boxes, conduit and bridle rings. Both the CADDY BCISN and BC are reversible on flat flanges and can be easily removed when necessary.

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