Proxim provides wireless backhaul for video surveillance network in Turkish city

Feb. 24, 2009
Bodrum, Turkey, using Proxim for connection to more than 70 security cameras

The Bodrum Police Department commissioned the construction of a city-wide wireless video surveillance network, utilizing Proxim's Tsunami MP.16 3500 licensed band WiMAX radios as the wireless backhaul to connect over 70 video cameras. Proxim claims that its WiMAX radios are optimized to allow the high throughput uplink connections mandatory for video backhaul, and could provide more than enough throughput for the 70 video cameras.

Faruk Meltem, IT director of the Bodrum Police Department, said: "Given the extremely high number of tourists that visit Bodrum and the amount of activity in the port, we needed a solution that could help our police force more efficiently protect our people and our assets, without breaking the bank. And since today's wireless networks are highly secure, we could safely deploy wireless at a fraction of the cost, but with all the performance and security features we required."