Synectics reaches milestone

Dec. 4, 2008
Company's solutions now installed in 50 gaming facilities worldwide

LAS VEGAS – 11-18-2008 – Synectic Systems (Synectics), a leading developer and manufacturer of enterprise-class digital recording surveillance solutions, announced today at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, NV, that it has deployed its 50th gaming customer installation in less than five years at Presque Isle Downs in Erie, PA. To date, Synectics’ digital recording systems, with its award-winning integration, command and control software platform Synergy, are recording over 25,000 cameras in casino environments with an impressive 99.9999% uptime performance record. These milestones validate Synectics’ proven track record of creating reliable, flexible and cost-efficient surveillance systems for the gaming industry. The company’s unique non-proprietary hardware and software enable existing legacy analogue systems to integrate with new IP-based technology as well as third party applications including slot management, point of sale, people counting, and access control, to create a unified video management and security solution.

"Installing our 50th casino system in such a short period is a testament to an exceptional group of very dedicated people and our willingness to give our customers what they want," said John Katnic, vice president and chief operating officer of Synectics Systems Inc. "Our clients are struggling to intelligently convert from analogue to digital surveillance due to high capital costs, market confusion, fast-changing technology and pre-existing infrastructure. Moreover, operators are being overwhelmed by more and more cameras, competing alarm systems, reports, regulations, etc."

Katnic continued, "Our customers need sound advice from experts that understand CCTV, IP, and integration as it relates to gaming. They need technology that accommodates what they have already bought as well as what they’ll inevitably use in the future. And they need something that makes their job easier, not more difficult. In other words, surveillance systems that identify events worth watching are much more valuable than those that simply record. We’re not satisfied with being the best digital recording system. Instead, we’re working to combine, correlate, and filter the flood of surveillance and security data bombarding customers from multi-vendor systems, and then presenting key events with relevant video through our Synergy software, so security agents can pay attention and respond to the things that matter most."

With 25 years experience designing security networks for some of the most demanding environments on the planet, Synectics has earned a loyal customer base in the gaming market with its robust and reliable solutions. Synectics’ systems are highly redundant (data integrity is supported by RAID 6 versus industry standard RAID 5) and dual power supplies are included with its enterprise-class servers. Hot swapping servers monitor network behavior and automatically provide intelligent failover. Moreover, camera failover can be prioritized so cash cages and interview room cameras are protected before parking lot shots, for example. Failover recording is also maintained in a video database so operators can retrieve and seamlessly play back video from original and hot swapped servers simply by selecting time. No manual record keeping is required. System architecture ensures no single point of colossal failure and only sends video over the network to review or store data in an incident locker.

Synectics’ digital recording systems are easy to use and maintain, yet provide sophisticated data management and reporting features. Unlimited cameras, motion picture quality video, efficient storage rates, multiple layers of failover, the most user-friendly interface available, and comprehensive management controls make Synectics’ surveillance solutions ideal for the tightly regulated gaming industry.

Key gaming customers include:

• Ontario Lottery Gaming Casino/Racinos
• Penn Gaming’s Argosy, Bangor, Grantville
• Pinnacle’s Lumiere, Boomtown, Exuma
• Seneca Niagara, Allegany, Buffalo
• Hyatt’s Grand Vic Rising Sun & Elgin
• Spirit Mountain - “Oregon’s Largest Casino”
• Paragon (LA), Riverwalk (MS), Presque Isle (PA)

Synectics develops its end-to-end solutions with best-of-breed hardware and software including:

-Synectics Synergy software which enables full integration of existing matrices, PTZs, analogue and IP cameras, and third party alarm and transactional systems including POS, slot management, access control and analytics. Graphical user interface features a touch-screen, map-based navigation, custom incident report writer, contact manager, fault management system, automated macros, tours, and much more.
– Synectics eSynx-16 PCIe 16-channel H.264 encoder card, a highly efficient and cost effective video encoder and cable management paddleboard.
– 8-channel MPEG2 and H.264 Modular Analogue-to-Digital Encoders
– Enterprise Class Video Servers (Primary Storage Nodes)