Orlando police secure 12 Hours of Sebring auto race

April 21, 2008
Around-the-clock activities call for rapidly deployable, robust system

LOS GATOS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--To secure the "12 Hours of Sebring Auto Race", the Orlando Police Department turned to a rapidly deployable, real-time video surveillance solution from Firetide and Avrio Group. Attracting more than 170,000 attendees, the auto race is considered one of the premier endurance races in the United States and is famous for its "once around the clock" action, starting during the day and finishing at night.

The race is an equally challenging event for the event organizers; extra security is needed days in advance as international race teams (and the world's fastest sports cars) begin to gather for practice and qualification races. The Orlando Police Department was tasked with securing the grand stand area and the competitor paddock – an area where highly prized racing cars are parked and prepared for the race. Despite the heavily saturated RF (radio frequency) environment due to wireless communications within the race area, the system delivered eight days of broadcast-quality video. To minimize interference, the system operated at 4.9 GHz U.S. public safety licensed band.

"The Orlando Police Department was able to deploy the system at the Sebring race in under a day, and the solution provided uninterrupted surveillance throughout the event," said Mark Jules, president, business development and strategic planning, Avrio Group. "Wireless connectivity enabled by Firetide was extremely robust, highly secure and could be scaled easily and efficiently."

In addition to providing wireless connectivity, Avrio's Rapid Deployment Surveillance Solution (RDSS) incorporates wired and wireless cameras into a single system, and is capable of pushing video anywhere on the network and in real time to laptops in police cars. The solution also allows for integration with other security systems such as access control, gunshot detection and video intelligence.

The foundation of RDSS is the rapid-deployment Avrio Polecam – a portable unit housed in a weatherized enclosure that contains a high-end camera, a Firetide HotPort wireless mesh node and all components required for deployment in various locations as surveillance needs dictate.

"Implementing a comprehensive security system on the scale of Sebring requires cutting-edge wireless surveillance solutions that can be deployed under tight deadlines, and transmit high-resolution, real-time video that law enforcement agencies need in incident investigations," said Bo Larsson, chief executive officer, Firetide. "The combination of Firetide wireless technology and Avrio's expertise in integrated, custom-designed systems offers a compelling solution to public safety agencies and municipalities seeking to improve security while lowering OPEX and CAPEX."