Norbain joins with Samsung to maximize CCTV product distribution

May 14, 2008
Partnership to help distribute Samsung solutions across widest market possible

Norbain and Samsung Electronic have joined forces to maximize the distribution potential of the Samsung CCTV brand across the widest possible market.

Samsung Electronic has developed an extensive range of CCTV equipment and is committed to acquiring the world’s best technology to continue to expand its product portfolio.

"Samsung Electronic is a very well respected brand that has proven itself both in terms of innovation and quality," states Alun John, managing director of Norbain. "Up until now it has been somewhat under-represented in the market, but with the help of Norbain it will get the chance to truly reach its potential."

Jacy Park, a senior manager at Samsung, says: "The Norbain distribution network is well managed and extensive which will allow us to reach the worldwide markets that have the greatest potential. We look forward to working with them to get closer to the market and to better promote the benefits of the brand. We are very excited about working with Norbain."

Norbain is proud to supply the full range of Samsung Electronic products. A very brief overview of some of the ranges is given below.

Vari-focal Dome Cameras

The SCC-B5352/B5353 series cameras are variable dome cameras that use 1/3 inch CCD 470,000 pixels and have no image blurring effect when used to capture a moving picture. These unobtrusive cameras use Samsungs advanced Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) function and the innovative Real Time CCD Defect Correction function in tandem with the Low Shutter and Day/Night functions to display clear images at night or in very low light settings.

Fully Functional Dome Cameras

WDR Color Cameras

Provides clear and superior images by adopting the advanced WDR function that can automatically adjust the WDR level. This effective function is ideal for indoor photographing with the window on the background.

Digital Video Recorders

The SHR-5000 Series DVR is a standalone system that can record up to 100 images per second from 4, 8 and 16 channels using MPEG4 compression. It is able to simultaneously record to and play from a hard drive by compressing the audio of 4 channels with ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation). Using dual codecs, the SHR-5000 Series DVR can smoothly record and transmit through a network, allowing continuous remote monitoring even in a poor network environment. The extensive range of functions include web viewer, Net I support, and POS[Text] support.

TFT Monitors

The SMT-1721/1921 LCD monitor with tempered glass gives a clear and sharp picture quality to ensure that no event goes unnoticed and no evidence goes unseen. Samsung LCD Monitors let your personnel keep a vigilant watch on your business, casinos, or office buildings where people’s security and safety are most critical. This range will ensure that your personnel will not miss any critical event and keep your business safe and secure and your profits up.