Italgo to Deliver Eptascape MPEG-7 Video Analytics in Italy

Aug. 16, 2007
Partnership brings new technologies into Italiam marketplace

Sunnyvale, CA and Milan, Italy - August 1, 2007 - Eptascape, the leader in application of MPEG-7 video analytics technology, and Italgo, S.p.A., the security solution company, today announced a marketing and distribution partnership to bring Eptascape’s products and security solutions to Italy. The partnership will deliver Eptascape’s acclaimed MPEG-7 intelligent video analytics products and technology through Italgo’s distribution channel, which penetrates government, transportation, public utility, and enterprise security markets across Italy.

Italgo's Marketing director Amedeo Bellacicco said, “Our deep security and industry expertise combined with Eptascape’s advanced MPEG-7 technology and products will dramatically improve security operations for government, transportation, utilities and enterprises across Italy. We are proud that Italgo is the first to enable European business with MPEG-7 analytics, which creates new categories of detection, protection, and management for the video surveillance industry.”

Eptascape’s MPEG-7 technology moves the security surveillance industry from pixel based video to content based video with critical video search capabilities enabling objects, events and anomalies to be identified and extracted from any scene. In so doing, security monitoring can be focused on salient events rather than across a scene or only on people in a scene. Automating video surveillance eliminates time consuming and daunting tasks like assessing activity on multiple monitors, browsing video, and applying only subjective human judgment to critical security applications. Security is raised both by minimizing human bias and focusing attention precisely on suspicious events. Italgo’s security solutions will incorporate Eptascape’s MPEG-7 products and technology to provide scene analysis in real time and record suspicious events, such as trespassing, tailgating, abandoned object, removed object, direction flow, loitering, or crowd formation. Eptascape technology is infinitely scaleable and cost effective, allowing multiple events with multiple schedules to be flexibly programmed and operate on a single camera or across a network of many types of cameras on any video management platform.

Italgo will have exclusive rights to sell the Eptascape software and the ADS series of MPEG-7 based products in the Italian market. The ADS-100 and ADS-200 video analysis units enable embedded, plug-and-play, MPEG-7 based video surveillance, with real-time search, analysis and event detection. The Eptascape ADS products can adapt any existing CCTV or IP camera to perform event based surveillance and real-time analytics, affecting a revolutionary focus away from individuals on to specific aberrant behaviors. Eptascape’s ADS-100 re-invents video surveillance, while addressing needs to call out and alert human monitors to multiple behaviors, protect individual privacy, and achieve economical surveillance solutions. Eptascape is also providing Italgo with a complete video management software suite that incorporates any mix of analog and IP cameras and applies MPEG-7 video analytics to the network for optimum event-based surveillance that frees the operator while improving security with better detection and alert mechanisms.

“The world security markets are in serious need of Eptascape’s MPEG-7 solutions. Prevailing technologies in video surveillance cameras only are able to synthesize a scene after the fact; MPEG-7 is a standard finely tuned to accurately view, search, and identify security breaches in surveillance in real time,” said Eptascape Strategic Development manager Davide Tappeiner. “There are literally millions and billions of volumes of recorded video footage that cannot possibly be scanned for pertinent views or security data, or accurately managed by human monitoring. However, Eptascape’s MPEG-7 products provide the mechanism to deal with such daunting quantities, by searching and identifying relevant security events as metadata, effecting real-time event monitoring and reporting at minimal bandwidth, storage volumes and costs. In our partnership with Italgo, Eptascape anticipates the European and Italian markets quickly waking to the new realms of security surveillance MPEG-7 technology introduces.”

Italgo will offer the MPEG-7 ADS 100, ADS 200 products and Eptascape's IVMS (intelligent video management software) immediately.

Eptascape continues to partner with strong security partners on every continent.