Honeywell Patents Anti-Shock Design for Mobile DVRs

Aug. 16, 2007
Company's SaVR design resists shocks and vibration that could affect data recording

LOUISVILLE, K.Y., Aug.16, 2007 - Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced it has received a patent for the Shock and Vibration Reduction (SaVR ) technology used in its line of mobile digital video recorders (DVRs). SaVR protects sensitive video surveillance data by significantly reducing road and vibration disturbances.

Most DVRs store video and audio data on hard drives, which are the most sensitive components in mobile surveillance systems. Conditions such as uneven roads, potholes and engine vibration can cause these hard drives to malfunction or lose irreplaceable data.

Honeywell's SaVR technology isolates the hard drive by suspending it with four springs that have low spring rates. Additionally, the drive is buffered with energy dampers made of energy-absorbing material to minimize shock and vibration movement.

"A DVR's hard drive is constantly spinning, so sudden, sharp movements can greatly affect its ability to function properly," said Larry Chin, mobile video security product manager, Honeywell. "Road and surface conditions can be unpredictable, but the SaVR technology can mitigate those conditions and help the hard drive perform more reliably. It protects the investment for the long term."

The SaVR technology is currently used in Honeywell's HTRD400 and HTRD100 Series of digital video recorders. The HTRD400 Series includes four channels of video and audio, stores up to 80 gigabytes and features wireless access. The HTRD100 Series provides an easy way to upgrade from analog to digital recording and features both analog and digital playback. Additionally, Honeywell will continue utilizing SaVR in new mobile DVR solutions as they are developed.

"Our DVR systems with SaVR technology are used in school buses across the nation. With the new school year about to begin, schools districts should evaluate whether to upgrade existing equipment to include technology like SaVR. This can ensure their video surveillance systems are capturing the data they need to protect passengers and drivers," said Tim Russell, director of business development, mobile video security, Honeywell.

Along with the SaVR protected hard drives, Honeywell offers a wide range of mobile security products to meet the needs of all types of vehicles, including buses, light-rails, taxis, and subways.