QNAP unveils new NVR, IP camera kit

May 13, 2008
Company seeks to simplify CCTV installation with surveillance package

The QNAP NVR-101 is an innovative Linux-embedded network video recorder with professional surveillance functions. It supports versatile IP camera brands.

To enable users to set up a surveillance system more conveniently, QNAP has released the NVR-1012 package which includes an NVR-101 and two value-plus IP cameras. The cameras support wireless network connection to simplify wiring and setup, two-way audio recording and audio broadcast, night view capability, and remote monitoring by 3GPP handset.

The NVR-1012 system can be deployed in any Ethernet-ready location and the cameras can be set up wirelessly. No complicated wiring is necessary. All monitoring function and system configuration can be maintained by the IE browser.

QNAP, with more than 7 years experience in embedded systems, is devoted to be world’s leading company in IA (Internet Appliance) field. Our extensive expertise and product lines cover networking storage, and networking video recorder/networking digital video recorder (NDVR). QNAP’s IA products have received ISO 9001 certification, covering product design, manufacturing and supply. QNAP has developed a digitalized, networked and modularized NVR/NDVR system to enable secure surveillance, easy system expansion and management, and convenient handling of recording data anytime, anywhere.