Videolarm introduces new rugged power boxes

Aug. 25, 2008
PB24 series is outdoor rated with UL approved power supply

The challenge of reliably and economically providing electrical current to video security cameras is now easier with the Videolarm Outdoor Rugged Power Boxes, the PB24 Series. Outdoor rated with UL approved power supply, the PB24 Series features vandal resistant construction and includes a swinging door to simplify servicing and installation.

Incorporating a vandal-resistant design, the rugged cast aluminum NEMA 4 box enclosure meets IP 66 standards to prevent the induction of minute particles. The PB24 Outdoor Power Box series mounts directly to Videolarm’s Fusion Dome (FDW housings), Vandal-Resistant housings (RHW housings), and Environmental Housing with WM1500 bracket.

Videolarm Power Boxes are available in seven models:

Wireless (PB24L24, PB24L58, PB24L900)– for those areas that are difficult to wire or are located in remote and isolated areas, the wireless Power Boxes are available in three transmitting models, 2.4GHz (WiFi bg) and 900 MHz with omni-directional antennas and 5.8GHz (WiFi a) with both an omni-directional and directional antenna. Complete with 128-bit encryption for secure data transmission, the wireless Power Boxes have a line-of-site transmissions distance of up to eight miles.

Standard (PB24) – designed for direct conduit connections, provides 4 amps of power at 24Vac, ample current for camera, heater/blower and pan/tilt mechanism.

Battery Backup (PB24BB) provides up to 25 minutes of batter-powered current to eliminate downtime when a disruption from a main power source occurs.

IP Reset (PB24-RS & PB24BB-RS) – offers either Smart Reset Monitoring or Program Reset to reset IP cameras from lockups caused by network issues, wiring problems and power fluctuations. Available models include standard power box (PB24-RS) and battery backup (PB24BB-RS)

- Smart Reset Monitoring monitors a digital camera’s output for any change in frequency and resets the camera when changes are detected. - Program Reset enables the camera unit to be programmed to restart during any specific time interval.

The PB24 Series provide direct conduit connections and operate in temperatures ranging from -40T F to 122 F. Optional video and power surge protection is also offered.

"Videolarm Power Boxes deliver strong performance along with versatility to meet any surveillance challenge – from the very basic to the most sophisticated functionality, with the freedom of wireless connectivity," said Ray Pagano, Videolarm president. "This is serious equipment that is expressly designed to be easy to install, manage and maintain and available at a price point that is approachable for surveillance scopes of all sizes and complexities."

Pagano added, "A key benefit of the IP Reset devices is the significant savings it provides. Service calls are virtually eliminated which saves money, and time that was previously spent resetting cameras can be refocused to other tasks. Additionally, downtime and lost surveillance video can now be a thing of the past, a desired goal for any organization."