OnSSI part of new security system at NJ township's schools

Jan. 16, 2008
Remote access to video by police and school administration enhances response and safety

Suffern, NY (January 11, 2008) - Five schools in New Jersey's Brick Township Public School District now provide a safer environment for students, staff and visitors, thanks to a new IP-based video surveillance system featuring the NetDVMS network video recorder (NVR) and camera management system software from On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI).

With the OnSSI solution, school and law enforcement officials have instant access to live and recorded video from an unlimited number of cameras, as well as automated detection of incidents, which are 'pushed' to school officials' video clients, both on- and off-site. Once identified, incidents can be investigated directly from users' desktop video clients, and video of incidents can be exported for court evidence.

"With our completely open architecture, OnSSI's solutions are compatible with virtually any hardware or software application," said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, OnSSI. "This provided an ideal opportunity for the Brick Township schools to use their existing Internet connectivity and IT backbone to take advantage of the benefits of IP-based surveillance technology."

All five schools are connected on a WAN (wide area network) and the system records 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More important, it offers real time secure Internet viewing access to local police, fire and school administration officials so they can respond in a more informed manner in the event of an incident requiring their intervention. This type of implementation is a developing trend within the K-12 educational marketplace, and effective security measures like this implemented by local officials have earned Brick, NJ a fifth place ranking on the list of safest cities in America.

NetDVMS, OnSSI's multi-site/multi-server IP-surveillance platform, features extensive live video, archiving and event management, powerful investigation tools and an array of video clients to assure the delivery of video from any camera, wired or wireless, to any user. Video from networked surveillance cameras is recorded to NetDVMS in full resolution and can be stored to any location on the network with no need for video matrixes, multiplexers or switches.

NetDVMS enables monitoring large camera installations by fewer operators, through automated event detection and blank screen monitoring - on-event push live video to users. Dedicated content analytics modules can be seamlessly integrated for directional motion detection, no-motion detection, crowd behavior and more. Alerts are streamed to users automatically through intelligent remote, web and mobile video clients/controllers. Powerful investigation tools, including digital PTZ into recorded images and time-synchronized playback of video from multiple servers and sites enable accurate and efficient examination of events and exceptions.

The new IP based security system was designed and installed by North American Video, an industry leader in the implementation of professional integrated surveillance systems, along with Net Q Multimedia. The five schools that have implemented the IP-based video surveillance system include Brick Township High School, Brick Township Memorial High School, Veterans Memorial Middle School, Lake Riviera Middle School and Drum Point Elementary School. In total there are 13 schools in the District with a student population of approximately 10,800.

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