GV-DVR System Comes Out with V2 Series

Nov. 27, 2007
GeoVison launches new line of PC-based DVRs

Taipei, Taiwan - GeoVision, the leading manufacturer of pc-based DVR, has introduced a new series of GV-DVR system V2 for GV-Mini DVR (M), GV-DVR (S), and GV-Hot Swap DVR (H), employing new technology advancements in the products. The GV-DVR system V2 family is designed to provide powerful features so users can improve their usage experience on system operation while enhancing system performance and storage capacity.

Convenience of Operation

The GV-DVR (M / S / H) System V2 is built in with 4 sensor inputs and 4 alarm outputs to facilitate IO monitoring. Each system is equipped with an IR remote control and DVR keyboard to reduce operation steps involved in system set up. Compared with V1 series that use D-sub video ports with D-sub cables, GV-DVR (S / H) series and GV-Mini DVR 800M V2 all have a new rear panel design with BNC video ports that eliminate the hassles of cable clutter and connections.

System Performance

The GV-DVR System (M / S / H) V2 uses built-in dual LAN ports to keep remote applications running smoothly and to implement a more flexible video management platform. All of them are well equipped with 1GB RAM and DVD writer. GV-DVR (S) and GV-Hot Swap DVR (H) both utilize Intel Core 2 Duo Processors to maximize video encoding and decoding speed, video analysis reliability, and IP video quality. Multiple remote applications can be run at the same time.

Storage Capacity

In V2 series, we empower the GV-DVR System to increase storage capacity. The GV-Mini DVR (M) is equipped with one hot swap drive bay for video storage. It is attached with an external SATA connector for extensive storage expansion, bringing improved performance to external storage needs. The GV-DVR (S) adopts Seagate SV35 hard drives to enhance 24/7 operation. Specifically designed for optimal performance in digital video surveillance applications, the Seagate SV35 hard drives feature power savings, high speed and large storage capacity. The GV-Hot Swap DVR (H) has 2 /4 /6 /8 /10 hot-swappable SATA HDD for scalable data storage solution, and optional RAID data protection for 8 / 10 bays.

The GV-DVR (M /S /H) System V2 comes with hardware compression DVR and software compression DVR. Video can be compressed into Geo MPEG4, Geo MPEG4 (ASP) or Geo H264 on both hardware and software compression DVRs, or into MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (ASP) formats on a hardware compression DVR. The GV-DVR (M /S /H) V2 is built-in with Microsoft Windows XP Embedded OS and GeoVision smart video software, which can facilitate monitoring performance in search, detection, and automation. Smart video analysis features include smart search, privacy mask, face detection, object/people counting, suspicious or missing object detection, scene change detection, visual automation, and virtual PTZ and I/O control.

GV-Mini DVR M Series - Key Features:
• Dual Gigabit LAN ports
• HD drive hot swappable
• Built-in IR remote control receiver
• eSATA Connector for data storage expansion
• Built-in 4 inputs and 4 outputs

GV-Hot Swap DVR H Series - Key Features:
• Powered by Intel Core 2 Duo
• Dual Gigabit LAN ports
• Maximum storage capacity of more than 7.5 terabytes
• 2/4/6/8/10 hot-swappable SATA HDD for data storage
• RAID data protection (optional) only for 8 & 10 bays
• New rear panel design for easy connection
• GV-Keyboard and GV-IR Remote Control included
• Built-in 4 inputs and 4 outputs for 4/6/8/10 bay system

GV-4U DVR S Series - Key Features:
• Powered by Intel Core 2 Duo
• Dual Gigabyte LAN ports
• Data storage designed for 7 days 24 hours of usage
• New rear panel design for easy connection
• GV-Keyboard and IR remote control included
• Built-in 4 inputs and 4 outputs

More information: GV-DVR Systems website