Canon NVS Cameras Compatible with General Solutions DigiOp DVRs

July 3, 2007
Compatibility allows for hybrid video surveillance solution designs

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., June 19, 2007 – Canon U.S.A., Inc. announces that its line of Network Video Solutions (NVS) cameras, which transmit high-quality video images over IP for remote monitoring, are now fully compatible with General Solutions' DigiOp line of digital video recorders (DVRs). DigiOp, which is short for Digital Integrated Operations, is an integrated hybrid video-management platform from General Solutions that allows for simple monitoring, recording and management of both analog and IP video and audio streams.

Canon's NVS cameras include pan/tilt/zoom and fixed (stationary) IP cameras with built-in servers, as well as analog pan/tilt/zoom cameras. New Canon NVS pan/tilt/zoom cameras include the wide-angle VB-C300 PTZ network camera, which features a Genuine Canon 2.4x Optical Zoom Lens, 4x Digital Zoom, and a Wide-Angle Auto Focus function designed to keep the camera's entire image plane in sharp detail. The Canon VB-C300 network camera comes equipped with a high-sensitivity progressive-scan 310,000-pixel CCD that delivers crisp, well-defined images of even rapidly moving objects, as well as powerful low-light (1 Lux at 1/30 shutter speed) performance.

"Canon is highly regarded for our world-leading optics technology and superb cameras," said Ricardo Chen, manager of technical marketing and sales training, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. "General Solutions is famous in the security industry for its DigiOp DVR product line. The combination of all of Canon's NVS cameras and General Solutions' DigiOp platform provides an unbeatable combination of seamlessly integrated IP products capable of addressing the diverse demands of today's security industry."

"At the heart of our value proposition is our software," said J.D. Story, chief technology officer, General Solutions. "We deliver a superior value and user experience by controlling the hardware platform that our software is deployed on, and by partnering with best-of-breed companies such as Canon and its IP [NVS] cameras. Our DVRs have evolved to become fully integrated hybrid video-management systems, enabling effortless monitoring, recording, and management of both analog and IP video and audio streams. The DigiOp solution simplifies the convergence of physical security with enterprise IT. Through its integration with the DigiOp platform, Canon IP devices [NVS cameras] can now seamlessly integrate with over 35 integration partners, ranging from access control, central-station management, point-of-sale, video analytics, and command & control software providers. The DigiOp platform is empowering convergence by reducing cost and complexity, while improving interoperability, usability and reliability."

"DigiOp's DVR is a hybrid solution that provides a centralized management of both analog and IP video devices," Story added. "This hybrid approach simplifies design, installation, and use, and greatly improves reliability and reduces total cost of ownership. It doesn't matter whether the video and audio inputs are analog or IP-based. They are still viewed, recorded, and managed side-by-side with the same easy-to-use interface. Users can now record their existing analog audio and video and add Canon IP devices (NVS cameras), which allows them to future-proof their security investment."

The Canon VB-C300 network camera offers Power over Ethernet to simplify installation, a feature shared by Canon's VB-C50FSi fixed network camera. Additionally, the VB-C50FSi network camera includes a Genuine Canon 26x Optical Zoom Lens, 12x Digital Zoom, and a 340K effective-pixel CCD that delivers crisp 640 x 480-pixel resolution video with up to 30-frame-per-second image quality.

Canon's VB-C50FSi and VB-C50i/VB-C50iR IP network camera captures, offers play back, and transmits two-way audio over an IP network. Using Canon's optional VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal Module, users can take full advantage of all of the cameras' audio features, which include live audio transmission, motion- or sensor-triggered playback of pre-recorded audio, and audio recording.

Existing users of General Solutions DigiOp products can obtain a software upgrade to connect Canon IP NVS cameras to their systems and address a wide range of video-security monitoring and recording needs. The DigiOp platform is now available on IT-friendly major-brand computers, which enhances availability and serviceability.