Eptascape’s MPEG-7 video analytics address surveillance of remote and unattended sites

April 3, 2008
Event-based video surveillance and security to monitor sites anywhere, any time

ISC West Las Vegas , NV— April 2, 2008 — Eptascape, www.eptascape.com , the pioneer in application of MPEG-7 video analytics technology, introduced MPEG-7 remote site monitoring today at ISC West. Using any high speed internet connection, security monitors directly view remote or unattended sites either receiving alerts in real-time or by reviewing stored footage of events from the site. Eptascape's MPEG-7 remote security monitoring enables both view and control of multiple analog or digital remote cameras with multiple behavior analysis, tracking and alert.

Eptascape's remote site monitoring addresses new responsibilities that pertain as new trends in crime emerge. Scrap metal theft; industrial-plant theft; construction site vandalism and theft; employee theft and false injury claims; vulnerabilties at power, communications, chemical, and transportation facilities; and all kinds of opportunities for terrorism create new concerns and responsibilities for commercial and government security surveillance. Often, areas most at risk are inhospitable to guards, yet are easy targets for determined criminals. The ability to monitor these types of sites at any time and from anywhere is critical in today's security environment, and Eptascape makes it possible.

"We selected Eptascape for our new solar power plant where we will install PV panels worth millions of dollars. With Eptascape MPEG-7 analytics we greatly reduce the bandwidth required to monitor remote locations 24/7,” said Mr. Michele Appendino, Chairman and CEO of Solar Ventures, an emerging European energy company and one of the biggest producers of PV solar energy in Italy.

“Eptascape can quickly respond as security surveillance needs change, because our MPEG-7 basis is inherently suitable to security video surveillance and adaptable to new requirements,“ said Marco Graziano, Eptascape founder and CEO. “We are implementing remote site monitoring and intrusion detection at many facilities worldwide and thwarting criminals when they think no one is watching. With MPEG-7, we're able to perform the most sophisticated analytics possible for remote monitoring applications in any mix of analog and digital cameras.“

MPEG-7 Effects Intelligent Security Immediately and Affordably

Because Eptascape applies MPEG-7, a standard that is inherently capable of behavior identification and search, video analytics becomes practical for any application. Intelligent remote surveillance becomes easily and affordably applied to any camera or network of cameras, whether located remotely or locally, because high bandwidth processing and front-end behavior modification are eliminated. As MPEG-7 video analytics is optimized for event-based search and surveillance, operators are freed to move and patrol while assured of wide-area automated detection that actually exceeds human perception and provides instant alerts to trouble. DSP-based video analytics, with quick and easy configuration and installation, comprise Eptascape's plug-and-play approach. Eptascape includes multiple behaviors and events detection, including Advanced Motion Detection; Abandoned Objects; Loitering; Directional Trespassing; Direction Flow Detection; Object Counting and Average Speed; Objects Removed; and Tailgating.

Eptascape's MPEG-7 remote site monitoring and tracking can be useful in small or larger video surveillance applications –any areas that are vulnerable, yet not patrolled.

About Eptascape

Eptascape designs and markets video analysis and behavior recognition products that enable both analog and IP cameras and systems used today to monitor secure locations in real-time. Eptascape markets its products to the security industry worldwide. Founded in 2005, Eptascape is privately held and based in Sunnyvale , California . www.eptascape.com .