Extreme CCTV adds Black Diamond night vision to Moondance camera

July 25, 2008
Technology to increase PTZ cam's vision distance and image quality at night

Extreme CCTV announces that its Moondance (soon to be called MIC1) Integrated-Infrared Ruggedized PTZ camera now incorporates Black Diamond technology to deliver increased night vision distance and higher quality video in total darkness.

180ft High-Fidelity active-infrared enables more comprehensive PTZ imaging for improved incident monitoring and asset protection. Even Illumination eliminates hot spots and underexposure, producing the clear picture that integrated security systems require to provide reliable, 24/7 surveillance.

The only ruggedized speed dome in the market with built-in infrared illumination, the Moondance Integrated-Infrared Ruggedized PTZ camera helps fulfill the security needs of numerous locations including utility sites, ports and commercial buildings. Visit www.ExtremeCCTV.com for more information.