Intransa announces widespread participation in IP storage certification program

April 3, 2008
Dozens of physical security vendors earn “Security-Grade IP Video Storage Certified” designation

SAN JOSE, California — March 31, 2008 --- Intransa , the global leader of shared, scalable and simple external IP storage solutions, today announced that over thirty physical security leaders and up-and-comers had now earned the coveted "Security-Grade IP Video Storage Certified" designation in the past six months. The innovative, first of its kind program for the physical security industry is designed to remove storage integration and performance concerns as obstacles for customers and security integrators to achieve the many benefits of IP storage and infrastructure.

As part of the certification process, physical security industry products including access control systems, card readers, digital video recorders, framework/infrastructure systems, IP network cameras, megapixel cameras, network and compression modules, network video recorders, physical security information managers, video analytics modules, workflow tools and complete systems have been tested and integrated successfully with Intransa EdgeBlock edge recording platforms and StorStac central repository and multi-site IP video storage platforms.

Participants in the program clearly see the value.

“VideoProtein works closely with industry leaders such as Intransa to continue to simplify the installation of IP storage in video surveillance environments,” said Anthony Pugliese, VideoProtein CEO. “The benefits of IP storage with video surveillance for our customers create a robust solution that is effective and efficiently meets their needs today and in the future. You'll be able to see that in action in our booth at ISC West.”

VideoProtein is exhibiting this week in booth number 5133 at the physical security industry's largest get together, ISC West Las Vegas, in a premier booth space shared with Intransa and Veracity USA, Inc. In a live example of IP integration benefits, Intransa storage will support VideoProtein 3.0 as the video management software, integrated with terabytes of IP storage, plus different brands of common DVRs and with IP network cameras from Arecont Vision, Axis Communications, IQinVision, and Mobotix.

“All the best IP technologies, including megapixel cameras, are now available to all without requiring new infrastructure for existing installations,” said Scott Sereboff, CEO of Veracity USA. “In addition, the newest devices can be run at distances greater than 1,000 feet over cat 5/6 cabling with simultaneous provision of LAN and up to class 3 PoE without use of any mid-span power. Intransa's Security-Grade IP Storage integration and certification program provides a scalable storage solution while Veracity USA provides the answer for IP cameras on new or existing infrastructure.”

“Veracity USA and Intransa provide a real solution for today's infrastructure with a clear path for tomorrow's systems,” added Sereboff.

The StorAlliance Technology Partner Lab is located at the company's San Jose, California research and development center. Intransa's shared, scalable and simple external IP storage scales from as little as 4 to 1,500TB of RAID protected, fault tolerant storage, ideal as a CCTV IP storage upgrade to extend the useful life and reliability of DVRs/NVRs, or as a complete IP video storage platform for new surveillance installations.

“With the Security-Grade IP Video Storage Certification program, Intransa took the bold step of funding an extensive laboratory environment to reduce customer risk in integrating IP-based technology for physical security, video surveillance, quality assurance and supply chain surveillance, process control, industrial video and related markets,” said Jeff Whitney, vice president of marketing for Intransa . “By opening this program to a wide range of the physical security community, the adoption of IP-based storage technology has accelerated in the market.”

The thirty-one companies participated or successfully tested products in the Intransa Security-Grade IP Storage Certification program. The list includes AMAG Technology, Inc., Axis Communications, Bitelco, Bosch, Cisco Systems, Computer Network Limited, Condortech Services, Extreme CCTV, FireKing Security Group, IndigoVision PLC, IQinVision, JDS Digital Video Systems, Lumenera Corporation, Macnica Networks, Mate Intelligent Video, Milestone Systems, North American Video, Inc., On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc., Orsus Situation Management, Pixel Velocity Inc., Proximex, Quantum Secure Inc., SAM IP Video, Sanbolic Inc., Surveillance Specialties Limited, Tech Systems Inc., Veracity USA, Inc., VideoNEXT Inc., VideoProtein, VidSys Inc. and Zycko Limited. Each can now use the “Security-Grade” logo.

“Incorporating storage is key to a successful video surveillance installation,” stated John Convoy, technology alliance manager for Cisco Systems. “When it comes to optimizing video surveillance applications Intransa's IP storage certification program leads the way.” Intransa is a Cisco Ecosystem Provider and the company's CEO, Bud Broomhead, will be delivering a session on “Shared, Scalable, Simple External Storage” in the Cisco theatre (booth 23035) at 1:50 p.m. on Thursday, April 3rd.

The performance and scalability of Intransa IP storage clearly was demonstrated in the testing. “Working with Intransa to provide IP storage solutions is a win for our customers. Intransa's product not only provides our customers with superior scalability and flexibility but it is quite literally the most efficient storage system we have ever tested,” said Joe Marchese, president of JDS Digital Security Systems. The company will have an Intransa IP storage system in their booth (#8133) this week at ISC West, leveraging the JDS digital video management system.

“Intransa's IP storage solutions enable our customers to expand their video surveillance systems without any fear of integration issues,” said Matt Barnette, vice president of sales, AMAG Technology, Inc. "By participating in Intransa's certification program, our customers can more quickly and efficiently move to IP video surveillance." AMAG offers Intransa IP storage integrated with the Symmetry™ Video/Symmetry Security Management System, and will have an Intransa EdgeBlock system on display in their booth, number 23025.

“CNL is committed to making high-performance storage connectivity solutions available to the video surveillance market,” stated Keith Bloodworth, president, Computer Network Limited (CNL). “Storage links all application pieces in video surveillance so we turn to Intransa and their certification program to ensure that everything works seamlessly.” UK-based CNL is a believer in IP storage, and jointly announced a worldwide alliance with Intransa in December of 2007.

“Interoperability is a key to successful information sharing and incident resolution for Proximex. Intransa has stepped up to the interoperability challenge with its Security-Grade IP Certification Program demonstrating successful integration with the majority of video management systems, camera suppliers and video analytics providers. Intransa's program has given Proximex confidence in providing an enterprise-class physical security information management solution for its customers,” said Larry Lien, vice president of product management for Proximex.

Proximex participated with Intransa recently in the Global Security Operations (GSO) 2010 conference event held at The Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Proximex software was demonstrated at the show, running on Intransa IP storage, as part of the hands-on technology lab and leveraging multi-vendor experience gained in the Security-Grade IP Video Storage Certification Program.

“Working with Intransa to provide IP storage solutions is a win for our customers. Intransa's product provides our customers with scalability, flexibility and an efficient storage system,” said Julio Montalvo, director of technology Services at OnSSI.

An Intransa IP storage system, supporting OnSSI's intelligent video surveillance system and connected to Panasonic video cameras, will be used during an ISC Education session at the ISC West event, at 1 p.m. on April 1. The session is “NI16 - From Analog to IP Video Recording Systems”, led by Steve Sufaro, group manger of strategic technical liaison at Panasonic Security System Group. Bud Broomhead, CEO of Intransa, will be a guest speaker at the session.

“As Milestone's customers video-enable their businesses, they expect more and more from video surveillance systems, ”said Eric Fullerton, chief sales & marketing officer, Milestone Systems. “Intransa's work with the video surveillance industry is pace-setting, and they have proven that they are a storage company that knows this market.”

Intransa is sharing space with Milestone in the IPV Magazine-hosted booth (#40000) at ISC West this week, along with Axis Communications. Intransa's shared, scalable IP storage is the foundation the Axis cameras and Milestone video management software records to in the demonstration of interactive IP. The company will also have an Intransa IP storage system integrated with their software in their main booth, #4075. Earlier this year, Intransa was also a participant and exhibitor at the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium in Puerto Rico.

“Incorporating storage is key to a successful video surveillance installation,” stated David Marra, chief technology officer for VideoNEXT. “Intransa's Security Grade IP Video Storage certification and integration program leads the way with ease of product integration. This assurance allows VideoNEXT to properly align storage with our customers' needs in a solution that scales for future requirements.”

“SAM IP Video and Intransa are enabling customers to cost-effectively implement IP storage seamlessly into their existing video surveillance,” said Joe Hannawa, director of business development, SAM IP Video. “Together, we possess the capabilities to fulfill our customer's requirements for video surveillance technology that can cost-effectively scale as they grow.”

Situation management vendors also see the value. "Leveraging Intransa's scalable IP storage with ORSUS Situator end users can optimize the use of their stored video data in the context of the situations they encounter," said Omer Tishler, director of product management at ORSUS.

“As customer demand for increased capacity and performance for video surveillance solutions continues to rise, Sanbolic is bringing the most advanced IP storage solutions available to the market today,” said Momchil Michailov, CEO, Sanbolic. “Intransa's innovative IP solution and storage is ideal for providing our customers with the most robust and extensive IP storage products available.”

“As a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) company we regularly face the challenges of interoperability and management of a variety of sensors, video equipment, and access control systems. A critical piece underlying the needs of all these systems is a flexible storage system like Intransa's that can handle high volumes of data in real time,” added Dave Fowler, vice president of marketing and engineering of VidSys, Inc.

“We are always looking for innovative solutions that will improve our customer's experience, and Intransa's IP storage does just that. By providing certified technology it allows us to drive innovation, performance, and future scalability for our customers,” said Golan Maika, director of technical operations, Mate Intelligent Video.

Leading IP camera vendors clearly see the value of IP testing and certification.

“Today's network video systems are getting larger and more scalable, some with thousands of cameras,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications. “Those systems require a scalable and high performance storage solution like the Intransa IP Storage solutions.” Axis IP network cameras were the first to be tested and certified through the StorAlliance program, and Intransa purchased Axis cameras for both internal use and in demonstration systems at tradeshows and events such as this week's ISC West.

Axis cameras will be demonstrated with Intransa storage and Milestone enterprise video management software in the IPVS Magazine booth, number 40000, as well as with VideoProtein 3.0 in the VideoProtein-Veracity USA-Intransa booth, number 5133.

“Pixel Velocity is committed to improving data integrity for the video surveillance market,” said William Beach, vice president of sales for Pixel Velocity Inc. “Megapixel data has been an obstacle to IP-based video surveillance systems. With Intransa's certification program, the integration process is now easy and straightforward, and our confidence in the total infrastructure solution has increased.”

“Teaming with Intransa to showcase the benefits of high performance IP storage when coupled with megapixel IP cameras is a win-win for us and our customers,” said Paul Bodell, IQinVision chief marketing officer. “IP storage is key to providing our customers with the highest performing solutions in the marketplace.”

IQinVision IQeye cameras will also be on display integrated with Intransa storage in the VideoProtein-Veracity USA-Intransa, booth number 5133.

“Together with Intransa, we reinforce our commitment to providing customers with the most advanced technologies,” said John Recesso, director of business development, Lumenera Corporation. “Intransa provides the overall efficiency required by today's demanding security surveillance market needs.”

Security integrators who participate in the worldwide Intransa StorPartner channel program recognize the value of tested and certified IP storage and applications.

“North American Video, with major hubs in Las Vegas, New Jersey and Macau, works closely with trusted brands such as Intransa to simplify the installation of IP storage in video surveillance environments,” said Cyndi Freschi, president, North American Video. “By combining the benefits of IP storage with video surveillance, our worldwide customers have a robust solution that effectively and efficiently meet their needs today and into tomorrow.”

“Customers integrating IP into their video surveillance solutions want to know they're getting the best reliability, resolution and retention available today,” said Justin Davis, chief operating officer of SURV. “Intransa's IP storage easily plugs in and solves these end user dilemmas today using technology built for tomorrow.”

“The innovation of Intransa's IP storage provides the features necessary to address the customer's issues of retention, camera resolution and increased camera count without having to redesign their infrastructure,” stated Wayne Smith, vice president at Tech Systems. "Our customers deploying Intransa's IP storage know that it's key to their installation.” Tech Systems and Intransa are among the corporate sponsors, presenters and exhibitors of the GSO 2010 conference series.

Intransa is also a sponsor of the Global Security Integration (GSI) 2010 events for security integrators and consultants. All products demonstrated at GSO and GSI events are integrated with Intransa storage, which is also the provider of the host lab for the ongoing event programs.

“Leading the industry and delivering proven technology is what we're all about,” stated Mr. Gregory Piferi, business development liaison at Condortech Services, Inc. “We are pleased to be working with Intransa, the leading IP storage vendor in the video surveillance market.” Condortech was early to market with Intransa IP storage, demonstrating it at the Force Protection Equipment Demonstration VI (FPED VI) event in August of 2007.

As additional benefits of the StorAlliance program and the Security-Grade IP Video Storage certification process, Intransa and its StorAlliance partners have uncovered numerous benefits and opportunities for customers and security integrators to leverage with IP solutions.

Those outside North America also agree in the value of the integration and certification program.

“As the video surveillance industry advances, integrated solutions bring new capabilities as well as new challenges,” said Dario Diaz, director commercial operations, Bitelco, from the company's headquarters in Chile. “Intransa's certification of video management systems and software alleviates the risks of integration and, by certifying the integration of IP storage; it allows Bitelco to optimize the final video surveillance solution for our customers.” The company became an Intransa StorPartner in September of 2007, offering its IP storage throughout South America.

“Zycko provides its customers with fully integrated video surveillance applications. This is no small task” said David Galton-Fenzi, group sales director, Zycko Limited, a well known value added distributor based in the UK who represents Intransa products in Europe. “Intransa has taken the difficulty out of the integration process with their Security-Grade IP Certification Program. The broad acceptance of Intransa's program by video management systems providers, video analytic providers, framework providers and camera suppliers allows Zycko to integrate and deliver complete solutions with a very high degree of confidence.”

“Macnica Networks supports our IT and video storage customers in Japan using Intransa 1GbE and 10GbE IP storage," said Masanori Murakami, manager, sales and marketing at Macnica Networks Corporation in Yokohama, Japan. “It greatly helps us in designing and implementing solutions when we know that all of the vendors products have been tested together, and Intransa's program does just that. Video storage has a unique workload, very different from standard IT requirements, and thus the Security-Grade IP Storage Certification Program from Intransa is vital to ensure performance and proper integration.”