TeleEye Expands Market Coverage to Greece and Malaysia

June 22, 2007
Video surveillance products company names new distributors

Global market leader in video surveillance, TeleEye Group has appointed Diamond Computers & Software and Sumikawa Sdn Bhd as authorized distributor in Greece and Malaysia respectively.

Both Greek and Malaysian security markets have high development potential. Greece produced a GDP of US$251.7 billion in 2006. The principal economic activities mainly include the tourism and shipping industries, banking & finance, manufacturing and construction and telecommunications. Gaining from the experience of hosting 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, the police, security personnel and residents are on high alert any incidents against public security and safety. They put more emphasis on security products with quality guaranteed.

On the other hand, Malaysian GDP estimate is US$308.8 billion in 2006. The security market especially CCTVs is growing there. Legislation has led to greater demand for CCTVs in shopping malls, car parks and universities. TeleEye's flexible and powerful video surveillance solutions enable user to monitor and secure property and industrial processes remotely and effectively.

"Our award-winning TeleEye products are now available in Greece and Malaysia through our new authorized distributors. We always provide up-to-date knowledge on TeleEye systems, extensive technology information, product training and also marketing support to the distributors. After-sales technical and maintenance supports are also extended to users through the distributors."

"We are enthusiastic about the growth of security market in Greece and Malaysia. We are confident that we can develop more business there. The new appointments also help us to penetrate more into the European and Southeast Asian markets. We are continuing in better serving existing customers and in expanding into new market." said Dr. Cliff Chan, CEO of TeleEye Group.

Diamond Computers & Software is experienced in CCTV distribution and has built up a strong customer database in Greece. TeleEye can reach more customers there with the new appointment.

Sumikawa Sdn Bhd also specializes in distributing CCTV related products. It covers the entire process from conception, development, distribution and installation of a wide range of security systems for home, commercial and industrial sectors in Malaysia.