FLIR Systems Thermal Imager Used in New Forward Vision Camera Range

Nov. 8, 2007
Metal Mickey to now offer thermal imaging along with day/night optical camera

Hants, UK - Forward Vision, the UKs leading Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) camera manufacturer, has teamed up with foremost thermal imaging specialist, FLIR Systems, to add FLIR's thermal camera modules to its "Metal Mickey" MIC1-412 range of fully functional, dual spectra CCTV cameras. The FLIR thermal camera which picks up heat 'images' will sit alongside a day/night optical camera which delivers colour pictures in daylight and infrared sensitive monochrome pictures at night.

Peter Dobson, one of the founding engineers at Forward Vision, said, "We chose to partner with FLIR as they share our dedication to high quality standards and, like us, control that quality by manufacturing the majority of their camera components in-house. World-wide demand for FLIR's key detector core element has allowed us to deliver leading edge developments in thermal technology to clients, and pass on the economies of scale benefit generated by FLIR's massive production capability.

"The MIC1 series is already the most versatile pan-tilt operation of any speed dome and our partnership with FLIR gives Forward Vision clients a high-performance dual spectra solution, developed specifically for professional security applications.

"This flexibility, coupled with FLIR's thermal imaging expertise, truly provides an innovative solution that is the best of both worlds."

The MIC1-412 is a sun-protected, dual spectra unit, featuring both a traditional 18x or 36x zoom day/night "overview" camera and a 50mm thermal camera positioned side-by-side in the camera head. This allows the user to switch from optical to thermal view at the press of a single button on the control keyboard.

"Dual spectra solutions are highly effective in detecting possible intruders and providing visual verification, discretely and at any time of the day or night," says FLIR Systems' business development manager, Alex Thornton-Margetts. "And in Forward Vision we have a partner that can really see the potential of this great combination."

The companies have already cemented their working partnership with the installation of a dual spectra system at a celebrity's residence in the Home Counties. FLIR's thermal camera element 'sees' heat sources that optical cameras cannot, providing the on-site security team with extra intelligence to intercept and prevent an incident.

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