Airship Introduces Affordable Enterprise-Grade DVRs

June 4, 2007
DVRs priced for affordability with small businesses in mind

Beginning in March, 2007 Airship Industries began shipping something new in the DVR industry: Enterprise-grade DVR systems priced lower than their competitors.

Airship DVR systems feature field-proven enterprise-grade software, high-resolution real-time recoding, and cutting-edge H.264 hardware compression at a price that beats the competition by 26% to 71%.

With solid experience in the field as an OEM security surveillance software developer, Airship's pricing model is based on the belief that the small to mid-sized integrator should not have to pay big markups on hardware when they can spec it out and build boxes themselves.

Airship systems combine powerful, easy-to-use Airship software with a hardware package that has been tested to ensure performance at maximum efficiency and stability - offering the user a much better experience than they would risk with a variety of hardware components and configurations.

The benefit to the industry of Airship's entry into the market as a DVR system provider is the accessibility of enterprise-grade systems to a wider range of users:

The average gas station protected by a video surveillance system recording 1 frame per second can now afford a system that, at 30 frames per second, provides the best chance of a clear image of a suspect after a security incident or quick hand-maneuver at the register.

Likewise, Airship provides the type of post-911 high-density video security system required to protect a high-end shopping mall, educational facility, transit system, or casino - without the usual Pelco, Honeywell, or Bosch price tag of $12,ooo and up for a 30-channel server box- money they need to spend to grow, stay competitive and generate revenue.

Airship makes it possible for Integrators to sell high-quality technology to small businesses and to enable large entities to install or upgrade video security without having to compromise other priorities. Airship's warranties allow integrators to serve a wider geographical area, thanks to next-business-day on-site service and parts replacement to every zip code in the continental US.

The Airship Edge

Airship Industries develops enterprise-grade security video solutions that enable integrators to provide next-generation video recording solutions to a diverse range of customers, from small business to large organizations, at an affordable price.

- real-time recording: 4 to 32 channels of CIF / 8 to 64 channels - Most days of hi-res recording - Smallest storage footprint - Industry-best software interface - Easy to install, learn, and use - On-site next-business-day service warranties - No phone-tree support

Airship Industries, located in Bellevue, WA on Seattle's Eastside, is a software development house with expertise in systems design and hardware compression. Since 2003, Airship hardware and software has been successfully deployed under industry-giant OEM brand names in enterprise environments like museums, banks, and casinos.

Leveraging its experience developing solutions for these demanding environments, The company seeks to expand the security video market by making high-quality DVR solutions and the latest technology accessible to more users across all market segments.

The key to Airship's low pricing is cutting out the usual markup on hardware components.

"Independent systems builders and integrators can source out the parts to build their own systems, and can buy them at the same prices we pay," said Victor Huang, Airship's CEO. "We offer them a stable, compatible, performance-tested combination of components without the big markup.

"Our profit center is our software, which has been used in many enterprise environments for the past few years under big-league brand names. We just add the hardware in so we can guarantee a consistent, high-quality user experience."

To sweeten the pot, Airship offers resellers no-phone-tree customer service, excellent warranties, free shipping, and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all systems.

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