InterAct Creates School Safety Starter Kit

Oct. 23, 2006
Kit includes digital surveillance equipment, crisis management software, with special pricing

Winston-Salem, NC October 23, 2006 — The need for increased security in schools is more and more apparent everyday. Not only do parents want to feel safe sending their students to school, but students want to feel safe being there. As leading developers of systems used by emergency services agencies around the globe to increase the safety and security of their communities, InterAct Public Safety Systems is offering a specially priced surveillance and emergency notification package for schools K-12.

The InterAct School Safety Starter Kit is made up of the powerful TrueSentry digital video surveillance system, and MissionMode emergency notification and crisis management system. The surveillance portion of the package includes 4 surveillance cameras to be placed in strategic locations throughout the school in entryways, hallways, parking lots, and large gathering places, like cafeterias. The kit also comes with a TrueSentry Network Video Recorder (NVR) for continuous recording and storage on a hard drive. This NVR provides indexed archives of video data that is easier to search than traditional VHS tapes used in older CCTV systems.

In an emergency, communication with faculty and parents is paramount. With this in mind, MissionMode, a powerful emergency notification and crisis management system, is included in the InterAc School Safety Starter Kit. This system includes 10 seats of MissionMode for key school coordinators, providing an online Virtual Command Center where crisis plans can be coordinated and executed. An unlimited number of free “parent profiles” is also included allowing automated messages to be sent to parents with critical information and instructions on where to go for more information.

The Rural Law Enforcement Technology Center (RULETC), a program of the National Institute of Justice, recently chose InterAct to implement a pilot program utilizing the TrueSentry and MissionMode systems. The system was installed at Hazard High School in KY at the beginning of the school year and is already being hailed a success by administrators, faculty and parents and is poised to serve as a national model for increased school security throughout the US.

The kit proves to be beneficial for school administrators who need to be everywhere at once during a crisis. School officials can monitor the school without increasing manpower and integrate cameras in to access control devices and alarms. They can also receive automatic alerts via cell phone, pager or e-mail, even as an incident is happening to improve response time to potential threats and incidents and communicate critical information and instructions to parents quickly. The live cameras can also be accessed remotely over a secure Internet connection and handheld devices by school administrators and law enforcement to get a real-time view of the current situation and efficiently plan their response.

“With the recent school tragedies that our country has faced, we recognized the need for increased security at schools,” said Andrew J. “Flip” Filipowski, executive chairman and CEO of InterAct. ”We wanted to make it easy for schools to access to the technology they need to keep students and faculty safe.”


The InterAct School Safety Starter Kit is $9,995 with 36-month lease packages available for $380/month or $4,560.00 annually. Additional cameras and other features can be added for increased functionality. For more information please visit