Delaware Government Technology Building Uses Video Tracking Solution

Oct. 13, 2006
Intelligent video system from DynaPel deploys tracking and detection

Memphis, TN (October 10, 2006) – Ensuring the physical and cyber security of people, facilities and information is one of the key goals for Delaware's Department of Technology and Information (DTI), and to help achieve this goal DTI is using DynaPel's CloseView Video Tracking and Detection System as an enhancement to its building security system.

"We needed improved surveillance capabilities in order to get a closer view of people and vehicles around our building," said Glenn Wright, Senior Telecommunications Technologist at DTI. "Using our existing cameras and DVR recording system, the CloseView Video Tracking and Detection System lets us automatically and simultaneously track multiple objects and to zoom in for close up images."

Designed for unattended operation, CloseView makes it possible for virtually any PTZ camera to track multiple objects within the same scene without regard to size or speed of the motion. When there is detected motion in the field of view, the device automatically directs the PTZ camera to zoom in on the activity. An alarm output is then triggered to activate recording to a DVR for review and action.

Motion selection on the CloseView System can be set to stay with one target only or to toggle between all detected targets. Sensitivity levels can also be adjusted to meet specific criteria for specific camera sites and physical locations. The object size selection for detection can be adjusted between minimum and maximum and up to ten freely adjusted exclusion areas (PTZ camera won't follow object into these areas) can be programmed.

"Our department is tasked with providing leadership in the selection and deployment of technology for the state of Delaware, and DynaPel's CloseView solution gave us the opportunity to set an example for operational effectiveness," said Wright. "Their innovative technology has improved our security with a minimal increase in cost and a maximum increase in value and contribution to our strategic goals."

The CloseView solution has been in operation since last spring at the DTI and according to Wright, it was the only product demonstrated that could do what they wanted.

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