New Range of High Performance Cameras from Vista

Oct. 22, 2007
VEC400 cameras offer day-night color-monochrome, fully IR sensitive, privacy zones

Oct 18 2007, Reading, UK -- The new VEC400 cameras from Vista are a range of high performance colour, colour/mono and day night cameras packed with a host of features not usually found on this style of camera. Ideal for all general purpose internal and external applications, the cameras will integrate fully with all CCTV systems.

Cameras in the colour/mono range remove the colour signal in low light conditions to provide a clean monochrome image, removing all AGC noise and providing a far more pleasing image. Because cameras in the day/night range are fitted with a moving IR filter, they provide high quality colour images during the day and monochrome images with increased sensitivity during the night. They are fully IR sensitive so can be used with covert IR lighting.

"The consistently high quality images captured by all the cameras are complimented by the simple to navigate on-screen display, not only making installation quick and simple but also reducing service times," says Mark Pritchard, divisional director of Vista.

Other features include four privacy zones which can be used to blank sections of the image such as ATM card machines. The Dynamic Noise Reduction provides cleaner images under low or difficult lighting conditions and also improves recording time on modern DVRs. Video Motion Detection alerts operators to activity within pre-defined areas.

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