NUVICO Introduces EasyView Cameras with SIE DSP

May 17, 2007
Image-enhancing DSP used with 550 TVL camera, with super low light feature

Englewood, NJ – NUVICO – Video Surveillance Manufacturer announces the release of the new EasyView Cameras with the "Super Image Enhancer" DSP technology – SIE pronounced (sì). The upgraded EasyView Camera Family consists of Indoor Color Domes, Outdoor Color Domes with Vandalproof/Weatherproof Housings, Integrated Cameras and Mini PTZ Speed Domes.

With the SIE Technology now incorporated as a standard feature, all EasyView Series Cameras deliver 550 TV Lines of resolution, resulting in higher quality pictures than the other cameras in the market that deliver 330 to 480 TV Lines. The SIE functions as the core "brain" of the cameras that has great sensitivity to the environment's level of light.

The Super Low Light feature is especially useful in the night time, where standard cameras cannot deliver bright, enhanced color images in the darkness as the SIE cameras do. The Super BLC feature in new EasyView Cameras automatically adjusts to the various lighting conditions, producing clarity and balance in pictures. Strong background light that makes the focal object appear dark is a common problem that the SIE resolves. Lastly, DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) feature drastically reduces visual noise that appear in low light environments, as well as reducing each image's file size. Smaller file sizes help DVRs record longer hours and for IP based products over network, faster image transmission. Hence the name, "EasyView," camera installation and setup is easy as 1-2-3.

The SIE EasyView Cameras are being distributed nationwide.

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